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One of the taxi-drivers at my local firm claims to be descended from Cutbush. He reckons his daughter has researched it and he promised to find out about it for me, but it never materialised. The guy lives in the Romford area, I think, and he is an habitué of Happy Days in Goulston Street.


Just for the record, I don't make a habit of broaching the subject of JTR with complete strangers (I'm worried they might think I'm weird). But in this case, the driver made the mistake of asking me what I was doing at the weekend and I told him I was having a short break in Whitechapel (I'd booked the Landmark Trust house in Princelet Street for a few days). I said Whitechapel rather than Spitalfields to get a rise out of him, which it did, and the conversation then drifted on to Happy Days and Cutbush.

On another occasion I was in a taxi (different driver) with Mrs B, our daughter and grandkids on our way to Waterloo station. The driver obviously picked up on the fact that I was given the kids a running commentary on the history of the areas we were passing through and thought he'd add his two penn'orth. I kid you not, as we were passing Breezers Hill along The Highway he announced 'Old Jack the Ripper used to hang about here.' (Or words to that effect.) The grandkids looked at me and sniggered, but I didn't say a word.
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