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Originally Posted by Gary Barnett View Post
Hi Sean,

Here's an example of the delights in store for you:

It was a terribly hot day and Lax was mopping the perspiration from his face as he walked along a certain back street. A little urchin saw the minister's discomfort, and, running across the doorway, saluted with mock solemnity.

'What little animal wouldn't yer like to be now, Mr Lax,' he queried.

'What little animal?' repeated Lax. ' Why, I shouldn't like to be a fly.'

'A fly's not an animal,' retorted the child with contempt; 'a fly's a bird.'

'Well, I give it up!' said the minister.

'Well, yer wouldn't want to be a little 'otter, would yer, sir?' said he, with a knowing wink, and then ran off.


Hi Gary,

A tad melodramatic, methinks

My regards,

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