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Default ops typing error

Ops........... I did a typing error he resigns for the first time on 19/4/1878 and so approximately 3 months later re-joins in 29/7/1878.

[1] Joins 29/9/1873. - leaves 19/4/1878.
[2] Re-joins 29/7/1878 - leaves 13/4/1889.

There is also mention of a Police Order dated 4th June 1878, Army Reserve. ''The Constables belonging to the Army Reserve, who recently resigned, are to be borne on the strength of the establishment and shown on the ''morning states'' as ''in country with out pay'' and included in 3rd class :- reference warrant number 57226 to 62907.
That an exact quote from other information I received on PC William Thomas Murphy and I was not sure of its significance so I did not previously mention it but obviously it explains why he was taken back into the force.
sorry about the previous mistake

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