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Howard Brown
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Hey Big Tamale !

Some ideas for future shows I had were;

" Compared To Jack"....a program discussing the similarities between the Whitechapel Murderer and those who eviscerate their victims as he did in at least 4 occasions we know of.

* The Hiding Place"....a program discussing the possible places he went to after committing murder(s).

* "JTR For Dummies-The Necessities"....a slideshow program inspired by John Bennett's public comment elsewhere a couple of years ago and which one or two others may have thought of as well....which would be an introduction to the Case with the primary sources shown and briefly discussed....such as The Ultimate Sourcebook,The Facts, Scotland Yard Investigates, Letters From Hell,The Definitive,and Sugden's Complete....and of course whatever the audience would like mentioned in either suspect based or specialist Ripperology.

I'm also going to rename the program to 'Autumn Of Terror, The Jack The Ripper Talk Show", since it isn't a radio broadcast. It ain't a podcast either, because thats a misnomer too. Who casts pods on these things? They're taped talk shows, not podcasts.

At some point, I'd hope that some of you could contribute to a program dealing with a specific concept of say, a suspect....such as Druitt....and why he was released from Valentine's school. A program that focuses on one aspect of one suspect or police official...or concept ( like the belief in an anti-foreigner police force in 1888. I keep seeing that pop up elsewhere...and since no one seems to care enough to counter that myth, I'd hope we could do that on a special program.)...or other items of interest without dabbling into areas already covered elsewhere on other forms of Internet broadcasting.

* A Ripper Talk Show in Another Language..........we have Forums member Helga Loewe, who sprechen zie Deutsch with the best of ' some point,maybe we could coax Thomas Schachner to also appear and we could get a program out in German to the folks in the Fatherland.

There's still a lot of things we could work on, again without repeating the topics already covered by other outfits or crews in other venues....such as a 5 Question Program with Paul Begg ( who has Skype and has no excuse for not appearing....) or John Malcolm...or others on the site.
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