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Default J Grover and Son, Wilton Works

Originally Posted by Steve Blomer View Post
An interesting observation Jerry.
The contractors John Grover and sons were based in Islington, very close to the Reagent's canal.

Thank you for this, Steve. I never bothered to find the location of their yard. I am not positive this map shows the exact location, but it must be close by the name, Wilton Square. The circle on the map represents Wilton Square and the arrow points to the direction up the Regents canal to the St Pancras Lock (some of the Rainham parts found here), which was not too far from here. Looking at the map I see a few Timber Yards near the City Road Basin, also. Could be one of his locations?

I also found a legal case involving John Grover in the early 1900's where he had some timber stolen from him. He kept a surplus of timber in the Surrey Commercial Docks near Limehouse. Not sure if he would have had that storage in the timeframe we are discussing?

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