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Originally Posted by Anna Morris View Post
Caz: Ask your doctor about piracetam. It's not a prescription drug in UK or Europe. (Here you have to have doctor's permission to order it from the factory, because college kids use it to study.) It increases blood flow to the brain and head areas.

One of my husbands had fairly severe vertigo and piracetam helped a lot. I had ordered it, hoping it would help with severe, chronic migraine. Since migraine has something to do with swollen blood vessels at some point in the cycle, I thought my head was going to explode when I took it. Considering that, I thought it might help my husband, and it did. Vertigo can have to do with reduced blood flow to parts of the head, like the ears.

A quick way to research the drug is Wikipedia which is pretty accurate on drugs.

Thank you! My Dad suffers from vertigo, so as soon as I saw your post, I called him and encouraged him to talk to his doc about it. He goes Friday and he will do so. It breaks my heart to see him suffering with it. I don't know if he will be able to take it. He takes a ton of other stuff too, but thanks for the information.

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