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Default An update from Chris Scott

First my sincere thanks to How for posting the brief comments I sent him recently and my heartfelt thanks to all you guys for your messages and good wishes.
This week has been one of updates, testing and - I'm glad to say - good news. I have now been told that I am in remission and we can now move on to the next stage. On Wednesday I met with a doctor from the Transplant Team at the Royal Marsden Hospital where I am being treated. The staff there are incredible and I really could not be in better hands. The preferred course of treatment for me would be a bone marrow transplant to be carried out most likely in July of this year. The usual holdup for this procedure is usually finding a donor but my sister has been tested and, I found out only yesterday, is a full match and so will be my donor. My greatest thanks to her for coming forward immediately and unstintingly, as I would for her.
I will be in hospital for 3 to 4 weeks and in isolation unit as the initial treatment reduces the host immune system to allow the donor immunity to have the chance of taking.
So the bottom line is I have every chance of making recovery by the end of year and my thanks to everyone, to you guys on this site and Casebook for your thoughts. prayers and support.
Any news I will let you know
Take care all of you
Chris Scott
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