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Sam Flynn
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Originally Posted by Caroline Morris View Post
His weapon of choice was a hammer, or similar blunt instrument, and he has now been linked to 24 violent attacks and rapes in the two decades before he was caught in 2004.
I read that report, too, Caz. What a bastard.

It does beg a key question, however. How many vicious, semi/fully-criminal hammer-wielding men were on the streets of Hastings in 2004, compared to the vicious, semi/fully-criminal knife-bearing men at large in the East End slums of 1888?
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Caroline Brown
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Well quite, Gareth - hence my point about Jack using a knife as his weapon of choice. It would have been even more difficult to separate his crimes from other unsolved ones if, for example, he had strangled all his victims to death and not mutilated any, or if he had used more than one method or weapon type.

That's why we need other pointers like victim type, dates and times, location and circumstances to help us. As far as I can see there is no specific evidence against any individual but the ripper for Stride's murder, while he can be linked [at least indirectly, or by inference and association] to her by victim type, date and time, location and circumstances, especially when we look at established double events of a very similar nature to that of Stride and Eddowes.

What's more, whoever authored the Saucy Jacky postcard seems to have had a remarkably good grasp, for 1888, of what a genuine double event might look like, and how the killer might perceive it himself. I can't imagine the phenomenon was well known or documented back then. As it was, they were grappling with the very concept of one man going round the streets preying on women for the hell of it.


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