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In The Old Bailey Trials involving a variety of people engaged in criminal activity and/or those representing the Crown...primarily focusing on those whose names we find in Ripper research but not exclusively.

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AP Wolf
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Default Michael Hertzberg

Not sure if I have mentioned this one before from 18th November 1888 where a John McCarthy (28) is on trial for robbery on a certain Michael Hertzberg who claims to be Jack the Ripper.


I'll just quote a small sample of the trial:

'FLORANCE MURPHY . I am a stevedore of 162, Cable Street—on 15th November between 11 and 12, I was in the Golden Lion, when the prisoner and about ten other men were there—the prosecutor came in and was joking about; and he said "I am Jack the Ripper"—the prisoner looked at him and said, "That is the way to put himself away"—the prosecutor asked for a pennyworth of beer; he drank some of it and said, "I will show you whether I am Jack the Ripper"—he went behind the table and took out some documents and started writing—the prisoner went over to look, and the prosecutor seized them and put them in his pocket, so that the prisoner should not see them—I said to the prisoner," Let him alone; he says he will put himself away; we will all do with a reward"—I held the door open and stood at the door—the prosecutor went out, and the words "Jack the Ripper" gathered a great crowd; the prisoner stood in front of the door, about two yards from it; I kept him in my sight till I followed him back into the public-house—the prisoner did not assault or rob the prosecutor, because I forced him to come in; there is no mistake about that—we were all drinking together; he is innocent—they might as well have taken me, as the prisoner—I gave evidence at the Police-court.'

My goodness me I'd like to have a look at the documents he pulled out and have a look at what he was writing!
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Howard Brown
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Nice find, A.P. !!
Another one to add to the list of fellows who called themselves the Ripper.
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