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33. Other Don't agree with any of the preceding 32? Got your own ideas? Tell us about them in here.

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Allison Shonk
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Default DID

Dissociative Identity Disorder. To me this is far more likely than somnambulism lol!! That one have me a good laugh. DID could explain the violence of the acts. Especially if he was rejected frequently by women. He would have an alter step in to punish the lowest women. Another thought I've had is photophobia. Perhaps he was unable to move about during daytime. He would have been angry and aggressive. Maybe his mother was a prostitute and so he blamed them for his ailment. Just a thought
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Howard Brown
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Dear Allison:

Thank you for adding this to the Motives & Reasons.

Never know, you might be right.

Ten cases of D.I.D. :

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Adam Went
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I suspect that Jack probably had an underlying case of something like this, or a mental disorder of some sort, but he was able to mask it fairly well and live an outwardly normal and unremarkable life, hence not falling under suspicion. From what we have of witness accounts it also seems that he was quite calm and persuasive when approaching the women.

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