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Chris Scott
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Default The onus of proof in the Stride murder...

Since we have just passed the anniversary of the "double event" and since there is an active thread about the Stride killing, it seemed an appropriate moment to air an idea that I have had for some time.
It seems to me that when attempting to compile a speculative list of possible victims of the same killer, that in the case of any that show marked variance in location, timing, or method that the burden of proof requires logically that any proponent of that putative victim must argue cogently why that person IS a victim of the Whitechapel killer. Persons who would fall into this category, in my opinion, would be Rose Mylett, Alice McKenzie and Frances Coles - among a sizeable number of others. Mylett would fall outside the parameters of the canonical victims in terms of method and the other two in terms of timing, well outside the core period dubbed the Autumn of Terror. I realise that this brief summary is absurdly simplistic and the arguments to back up the candidacy of any victim are complex and subtle.
However, again in my opinion, it seems to me that in the case of Elizabeth Stride is unique. My own views on whether Stride was a victim of the same killer are, frankly, still not conclusive and,in terms of this argument, irrelevant. The point I would wish to argue is this:-
That there are so many correspondences in the case of Stride with the other victims who many accept were dispatched by the same killer, that the burden of proof is more biased to showing that Stride was NOT killed by the same hand rather than arguing that she was. I do not know if Stride was killed by the same hand that ended Eddowes's life and, by extension, arguably those of Nichols and Chapman and, more arguably, that of Kelly. I do not KNOW if she was killed by the same man but my "default" position on the basis of the timing, location and partial method is that she probably was.
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Cris Malone
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A very lucid post, Chris.

Certainly Stride could have been killed by someone other than the entity named Jack the Ripper. As some would assert, there may not have been a Jack the Ripper. But, since there is a possible connection with the murders committed that fall... the victimology, the constricted area, All killed or finished off with a knife, no ascertained motive...etc. the idea that some one person might have been doing this, whether Stride was mutilated or not, has to have a major bearing when assessing this.
Best Wishes,
Cris Malone
"Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."
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Wicker Man
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To look for 'proof' in a century old case is expecting a little too much. The most we can insist on is to demonstrate the possibilities of one conclusion or the other.
As far as Stride being a Ripper victim the evidence is incomplete and what exists has always been ambiguous and is likely to remain so.

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