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Dave James
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Hi all,

I think this may be where the idea of the body being in a sack came from

The Blackburn Standard and Weekly Express
14 September 1889

PC Pannett 239 H was patrolling his beat when, by the light of the breaking day, he noticed a bundle under the archway. He found it contained the body of a woman with arms attached, but with the head an legs missing.

I think this is the only report I've seen that puts it in this way.

It is from a Press Association release.
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Paul Kearney A.K.A. NEMO
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There are a few references to a sack in the days following the discovery

An example...

Galveston Daily News 12th September 1889

"A sleepy policeman was leisurely patrolling the beat about 6 o'clock this morning when his attention was attracted to a dark corner in one of the railway arches by a horrible smell. He walked to the spot and by the aid of his lantern discovered a sack containing the terribly mutilated remains of a woman"
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Debra Arif
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She was partially covered by a raggy old chemise.
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Christer Holmgren
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There was mentioning of a sack by both PC Pennett and inspector Pinhorn. They did not, however, say that there was a sack in place in the arch!

Here is one excerpt from the Walthamstow and Leyton Guardian, September 14, 1889:

"In answer to a question, the witness (Pennett; my remark) said he had no doubt that the body had been carried there in a sack and then taken out....
In further examination, witness (Pinhorn) said the condition of the body was such as it would have been had it been carried in a sack."

There are other press reports too, speaking of a sack having been used as a means of carrying the body - apparently there were marks on the body, consistent with the rough cloth of a sack.

The best,
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