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12. Misogynist "A prostitute is a murder victim waiting to happen."

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innocent bystander & former captionmeister
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Here's a slightly different point of view.
What if Jack like a lot of men treated prostitutes as objects. He compartmentalises them into class of their own. This class of woman would not be given the same respect others get and in fact this class is probably despised. He could therefore do what he wished to them without affecting his life as he was only destroying objects. He could then go on to treat mainstream women in totally different manner, behave as normal towards them and therefore avoid suspicion.
In fact if taken to it's conclusion he could NOT kill a woman who is not a prostitute and would maybe think it was abhorrent.
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Colin Macdonald
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Originally Posted by Howard Brown View Post
However, when I read the reports of the murders and realize that there was no evidence of actual sexual assault and that the sexual organs were specifically targeted, it looks like the work of a man who has a definite hatred/fear of women and wouldn't be able to form any kind of relationships with them.
Or maybe he could form relationships with them ( at home ) but not achieve an erection ( again,at home) and took out his frustration ( to the extreme) in the way he did.
If that suggestion proved to be true it might also explain why the murders ceased when they did. They ended with the end of his impotence?
Best Wishes, Colin.

To a man with a hammer everything looks like a nail.
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Phillip Walton
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I think he targeted prostitutes because they were the most vulnerable. Even today prostitutes are the most likely to be murdered in the course of their 'work'.
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