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Default WHITECHAPELESE: Case of Elizabeth Stride

A sincere thanks to Howard for accepting this thread be opened.

For our reference, each thread entitled WHITECHAPELESE: Case of and the victim's name, may be filled with the irregularities, contradictions, hearsay testimony, discrepancies, and injected information (circumstantial evidence) that we have detected within each of the five canonical victims' cases coming from one or more of the following:

(1) The official police reports as found in the National Archives.

(2) The official police statements/interviews to the press.

(3) The medical faculty reports from the inquests taken from newspaper accounts since we donít have the original inquest reports.

(4) The medical faculty statements/interviews to the press.

(5) Inquest reports in general taken from newspaper accounts that differ with each other.

(6) Witness inquest testimony taken from newspaper accounts that contradict other witness statements from the same case.

(7) Witness statements/interviews to the press.

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