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12. Misogynist "A prostitute is a murder victim waiting to happen."

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Post Jack the Woman Hater?

Excerpted from Murder Most Foul:

"A prostitute is a murder victim waiting to happen."27

A misogynist is simply a man who does not like women, which is not necessarily the same thing as saying that he hates women. Many famous men have been misogynists ¡V Isaac Newton, for example, and there are many otherwise ¡¥normal¡¦ men who never marry, for whatever reason. The world¡¦s most famous fictional misogynist is Sherlock Holmes, who merely ¡§disliked and distrusted the sex.¡¨4 Misogynistic serial killers of women may be motivated by no more than their dislike or hatred of them, as we again see here, repeated from premise #4:

¡§A prostitute was found murdered. During the investigation the defendant stated that his mother had been a prostitute, and during his childhood he had frequently witnessed her in the company of male partners. Following this, he had developed a deep hatred for women and desired only to inflict pain upon them.¡¨14

One of the most famous of misogynistic serial killers, Ed Gein, was characterized as follows:

¡§Ed Gein was fascinated with women because of the power and hold they had over men. This love-hate feeling towards women became exaggerated and eventually developed into a full-blown psychosis. After his incarceration in a mental institution, he would stare fixedly at nurses or any other female staff members who wandered into his line of vision.¡¨19

And, of course, the current top Ripper suspect, Dr. Francis Tumblety, was a reputed misogynist said to have had a vicious hatred of women, especially fallen women. However, he ended his days by living with his sister and he reportedly left a sizable bequest to a home for fallen women, so one wonders if his convictions really ran deep enough to have allowed him to be the Ripper. Proponents of his candidacy state that he must have been remorseful near the end of his life to do these things, but it is unclear if a true misogyny would have allowed him that flexibility.

As one can rationalize or justify just about anything, some serial killers of women may have targeted only prostitutes, so as not to feel guilty or remorseful about the killings afterwards. Others have probably looked upon murder of a prostitute as ¡§merely helping a weak woman to her seat on the ferry that crosses the River Styx.¡¨ However, such murders are usually simply that ¡V murders without mutilation or other dramatic features. Perhaps the Ripper felt much as Ed Gein did about women, only he greatly resented the power and hold that they possessed over him and all other men, and he thus attempted to ¡¥destroy¡¦ their womanhood via mutilation.

Conclusion ¡V if the Ripper were a misogynist, he would not have hesitated to kill, probably being limited only by time. His other motives for mutilation and leaving of the victims in public could have been as follows:

„h Jack the Bogeyman
„h Jack the Mad Man
„h Jack the Jill-Hater
„h Jack the Jolly Man
„h Jack the Human-being Stalker
„h Jack the Egotist
„h Jack the Anarchist
„h Jack the Godfather
„h Jack the Blind Man

Public Display

„h Jack the Practical Man
„h Jack the Egotist
„h Jack the Obsessed
„h Jack the Anarchist
„h Jack the Litterbug
„h Jack the Godfather


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Regardless of whether Tumblety finished of his last days living with his sister, and left a chariatible donation to a home for fallen women, that still does not preclude him from being the Ripper. It's not uncommon for misogynists to make exceptions for female family members (mothers, sisters, etc.), and if Tumblety did have a life-altering change of mind and personality after the murders took place, for whatever reason, leaving what he did to those women would certianly not seem all that far fetched to me. Quite possibly he did it, as the only thing he could do to try and make up for what he did. Beyond turning himself over to the proper authorities.
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Melissa McMahan
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There is no doubt that Jack the Ripper whoever he was, hated hookers. As to why or if he hated all women may never be known. Some people hate clowns, I'm one of them.
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