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Howard Brown
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From Tom Wescott :

Hi Tim. I saw Howard's last post...I'm not sure if he was quoting Livia or posting for himself, but it mentioned Liz standing in the rain. I just wanted to point out that she did not stand in the rain on the night of her death and was indeed bone dry when her body was discovered at 1am. The rain had stopped by 11:30pm, so had she stood in the rain for any time, it would have been more than evident in her thick clothing. And although Stride was dressed better than the other victims (minus Kelly), it shouldn't be assumed she had 'dressed her best' or any different than other days. After all, like Kelly, but unlike the other women, she generally enjoyed a stable place of residence (with Kidney) and clearly got favors at her favorite lodging house (not only a bed, but paid to clean it!). We might expect her to be dressed a bit better than Chapman or Eddowes.

Yours truly,

Tom Wescott

I was only copying Livia's and Maria's posts .
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Livia Trivia
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Howard was quoting me, Tom.

And about the rain, I was paraphrasing another poster:

#225, p. 23 "standing outside in the rain all night"

#298 p. 30 "1 AM standing in the rain"

#304 p. 31 "1 AM in the rain"

#334 p. 34 "in the rain at 1 AM Sunday morning"

who was not corrected at the time.

Anyway, wet or dry, she could have been
waiting for payment for services she rendered
during the Sabbath. Sabbath goys usually worked
for several families, their duties being light in nature,
lighting a candle or lamp, laying a fire, stirring a dinner
prepared before the Sabbath fell (not sewing, Maria,
as that is prohibited). This could explain Mrs Tanner's
statement that she worked "among the Jews" and could
explain her presence outside the club on Berner St,
which according to some, was not an area where
prostitutes generally solicited.

If she could speak or understand Yiddish, this would
make her more trustworthy than a gentile who didn't.

In the distant past, it was traditional for poor women
to serve as Sabbath goys. In more recent years, the
custom has changed to the use of teenaged boys.
Colin Powell, Mario Cuomo, Martin Scorcese and even
Elvis Presley served as Sabbath goys in their youth,
the traditional payment being one dime per task.
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