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The Community's Collective Wisdom "Scotland Yard was really no wiser on the subject than it was 15 years ago.."-F.G.Abberline,1903. The question is...are we ?

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Old May 3rd, 2015, 07:47 AM   #21
Robert Linford
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Hi Alan

I don't know. Maybe William thought a good gun would be more likely to be noticed as missing. After all, Liversedge wasn't sure if the 'toy' gun was from his stock, and he doesn't say that such a gun was missing, as far as I know anyway. A good, expensive gun might have been noticed as missing.

At the other extreme, William seems to have been unhinged, so who knows what he was thinking? Didn't a policeman say that he asked William if it was his handwriting, and that William replied something like "Yes, but it's nothing to do with me"?
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Old May 3rd, 2015, 08:03 AM   #22
Alan Baird
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Default the gun

Hi Robert,
First of all, thanks for the suggestion, about using initials while doing the search...it worked brilliantly and I have never done that before, so it was great.
Secondly, I think you might be right about the gun, if your mind is in trouble, then any logical thought process, might be working only at the basic level. Expensive gun will be noticed if taken, cheap model may not, powerful gun tends to be bigger, less powerful usually small and easy to hide your in pocket or trouser belt.

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