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The Community's Collective Wisdom "Scotland Yard was really no wiser on the subject than it was 15 years ago.."-F.G.Abberline,1903. The question is...are we ?

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Debra Arif
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Originally Posted by Alan Baird View Post
Hello Robert and Debra,
There was a lot of information came in yesterday and I was playing catch up most of the time but I believe Robert's last conclusions were both correct and logical.

First of all thank you Robert for your help and especially with the connection to Faith Scott/Compton and Debra thank you also for all your help and especially for you finding George Compton in the 1891 Census records. Both of these facts/area's of research, I would never have found in a million years. Even after Debra explaining George Compton was in the 1891 census records, I could only find him through Debra's information on his wife, Jane Howell.

I will type up PC George Compton life now and laminate the results for posterity.

Basic Details for anybody reading this :-

[a] PC George Compton.
[b] Served in the Metropolitan Police 1870 to 1888, 18 years in total, last 8 years in 'H' or Whitechapel Division.
[c] Retired 1st July 1888, [pension of 22.9.4 per annum], retired approximately 8 weeks before the Mary Ann Nichols murder.
[d] Residing in Bethnal Green during this infamous period.
[e] Marriage to Faith Compton, difficulties/breakdown, between late 1888 to 1891. [No children with Faith Compton.]
[f] Marries Jane Howell in 1891 and now has a family which includes Jane's children, employed as a Billiard maker.
[g] George Compton dies in 1898.

N.B. With Faith Compton/Scott, I would tend to go with the view of a common law marriage to George Scott [potsman] sometime between 1891 and 1898 and who died before her Workhouse Hospital admission of 1898.

hope you think that is all OK
Bye for now,
Glad I was of some help, Alan.
I agree with Robert that we don't know when Jane and George got together. As Jane's first husband's death was registered in Whitechapel in 1884 and you noted from the pension records that George was a member of H Division for 8 years from 1880 to 88 there's a good change he met Jane through his work in that area between and 1880 and 1888, but most likely after 1884 when Jane's husband died.
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Alan Baird
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Default your right

Hello Robert and Debra,
Your right........ to be accurate it has to be considered he may well have known Jane as early as in 1884 especially since he was a serving Police Constable within the Whitechapel Division. I will state that in the summary write up of his life.
What I really like, is that we can now discuss these finer aspects of his life and only a short time ago...........all anybody knew about him was an inscription on a medal..............''PC G Compton H Div''...........so thank you.
Any other idea's or comments just let me know, as I am finding this a good learning process for me.

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