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Anna Morris
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That is an interesting comment that the woman's/victim's arms were almost "overdeveloped" for a woman. Wonder what that meant? Muscular or fat? If muscular, we could be on the lookout for unusual females who disappeared. Like a female slaughter house worker. Or a woman who habitually lifted heavy things. Maybe there would have been a number in the latter category. Even being a full time laundress in those days should have developed muscles on a woman.
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R. J. Palmer
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Robert C.--Thanks for that. I'm obviously stuck in a time warp, and a good 5 years behind some of the recent developments.; I will chase down your article, it sounds brilliant.

Here is another bit from the N.Y. Herald (London), commenting on the strange case of John Cleary.

"Early last Sunday week the Herald received information, from a man who called himself John Cleary, of a murder in Backchurch-lane. Herald reporters investigated but found nothing to uphold the statement. Last Tuesday the mutilated body of a dead woman was found in the spot indicated. The coincidence between the experience of the Herald last week and another London daily paper at the time of the Whitehall tragedy is all the more remarkable when it is stated that the description of the man who informed that paper and of John Cleary who called at the Herald office, tally in practically every important particular." 16 September 1889.

This, of course, was written up elsewhere, but I don't recall the Whitehall angle.

A parting shot: personally, I have 0% faith in F.B.I. "profiling," for reasons I won't go into, but, that said, I felt obligated to read 2 or 3 books by the gurus at Quantico. I think it was Ressler who wrote about the alleged "anniversary effect," wherein a murderer supposedly kills a victim on the same calendar date as a previous victim. There appears to be a couple of instance where this has happened. I remain skeptical, but it is at least theoretically plausible that the Pinchin Street victim died on the same date as Annie Chapman...for what it is worth, and it is probably worth very little.
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