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Default Dr. Brown at the Eddowes Inquest

Here is a portion of Dr. Gordon Brown's testimony about how Eddowes was found:

Both palms were upwards, the fingers slightly bent. A thimble was lying near. The clothes were thrown up. The bonnet was at the back of the head. There was great disfigurement of the face. The throat was cut across. Below the cut was a neckerchief. The upper part of the dress had been torn open. The body had been mutilated, and was quite warm - no rigor mortis.


Can anyone find a testimony by Brown to the intestines being thrown over Eddowes shoulder at her inquest? Did anyone else even mention it. The Chapman inquest did mention it in regards to Annie's murder. An absence of this feature, that could be interpreted as Masonic, would make me suspect a bias.

Dr. Gordon Brown was a prominant Freemason, according to his obituary. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2454409/pdf/brmedj07683-0037c.pdf
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Cris Malone
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From the Inquest files in the Corporation of London Records Office-

Statement of Fredrick Gordon Brown-

'... The upper part of the dress was pulled open a little ways. The abdomen was all exposed. The intestines were drawn out to a large extent and placed over the right shoulder - they were smeared with some feculent matter. A piece of about 2 feet was quite detatched from the body and placed between the body and the left arm, apparently by design...'

Ref. Coroner's inquest. 1888. No. 135, Catherine Eddowes inquest. 1888- Corporation of London Records Office.

The same statement can be found in the London Times, Oct. 5, 1888- Page 4.
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Do you mean thrown specifically or, as Cris has pointed out any reference?

'Placed' is quite a specific description yet makes perfect sense.

Brown was an extremely important and active mason.

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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
Do you mean thrown specifically or, as Cris has pointed out any reference?
No, Monty, I didn't differentiate between thrown or placed. Chris' reference is enough evidence for me that the Doctor testified fully.

It appears that all of Brown's detailed testimony about the intestines at the inquest, while published in the Times, was replaced by "The body had been mutilated" in the Daily Telegraph. Both versions begin after the Doctor talks about the "upper part of the dress" being torn.
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