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The Lodger(s) Discussion of the various "Lodgers" mentioned throughout the study of the Whitechapel Murders.

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Paul Kearney A.K.A. NEMO
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Is it coincidental that the coffee stall holder's suspect fitted the description of a man lurking around Lusk's address and asking for his address just prior to Lusk receiving the kidney?
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Caroline Brown
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Originally Posted by Jonathan Hainsworth View Post
With Littlechild, in the letter lost to us, Sims was being discreet about 'Dr D' because he assumed that the former would know all about 'Dr Druitt'.
Hi Jonathan,

In Sims's place, if you are right about him knowing Dr D's name and assuming Littlechild knew it too, I think I would have spelled it out - literally - and let my inside knowledge of it sink in with the recipient. After all, whether Sims was on a fishing expedition with his own letter, or merely bragging about having this information, he was presumably looking for some reaction. And naming Druitt (if he knew it - and I'm a poet and don't I know it) would have stood a better chance of getting one - and a stronger one than the lukewarm and presumably unsatisfactory reaction he actually got.

As it is, Sims rather let Littlechild off the hook by allowing him to deny any knowledge of this vague 'Dr D' and supply instead his own Dr T, whose name he clearly had no compunction about spelling out to his correspondent.


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