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11. Political and/or Ideological “For the JDL leader Meir Kahane and his many fervent followers, any and all measures to further Jewish survival and welfare - including terror, dispossession, and murder - are entirely justified.” - Mark Weber

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admin tim
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Default Not-So-Secret Societies

From Neatorama:

6 Not-So-Secret Secret Societies.

Is it possible that so many societies can proudly claim so many powerful and influential people and still be called "secret"? Well, no. Here are six of the most famous of the world’s supposedly secret societies. But if anyone asks, you didn’t hear it from us.
1. The Freemasons

http://www.neatorama.com/images/2006-11/freemason.jpgThis is the granddaddy of all not-so-secret secret societies. Freemasonry, or "The Craft" as its members call it, most likely has its roots in 17th-century stone workers’ guilds. Mason lore, however, extends its origins back to biblical times, linking the society to the building of the Temple of Solomon. Freemasonry is split into numerous subgroups and orders, all of which consider God the Grand Geometrician, or Grand Architect of the Universe. At their hearts, these groups are all means of exploring ethical and philosophical issues, and their rituals and symbols are famous (or infamous). Take, for instance, the square-and-compass logo often seen on the backs of Cadillacs. Or the use of secret handshakes, passwords, and greeting posture/gesture called "due guards," all collectively known as the Modes of Recognition. The list of famous Masons is massive, a virtual Who’s Who of modern history, explaining the many conspiracy theories regarding the Masons’ influence and intentions. Mozart, FDR, Harry S. Truman, George Washington, Mark Twain, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, John Wayne, W.C. Fields, and Douglas MacArthur were all Masons. But perhaps the Masons’ greatest strides have been made in fast food: KFC’s Colonel Sanders and Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas knew how to secret-shake with the best of ‘em.
2. The Illuminati

http://www.neatorama.com/images/2006...seeing-eye.jpgOver the centuries, lots of groups have called themselves the Illuminati ("Enlightened Ones"), but the one we’re talking about here began as the Bavarian Illuminati. A radical product of the Enlightenment and offshoot of the religion-based Freemasons, the Illuminati espoused secular freethinking and intellectualism and proved a threat to Europe’s old order. Although they were officially banned by the Bavarian government in 1784, some claim that they live on to this day in other guises (see "the Trilateral Commission"). So what’s the Illuminati’s goal? To establish a new world order of capitalism and authoritarianism, of course! They’ve been accused of manipulating currencies, world stock markets, elections, assassinations, and even of being aliens. One common myth is that the eye-and-pyramid image on the dollar bill is a symbol of the Illuminati watching over us. Nope. It’s a symbol of strength and durability (though unfinished, symbolizing growth and change), and the all-seeing eye represent the divine guidance of the American cause. Or so the government says.
3. Opus Dei

http://www.neatorama.com/images/2006-11/opus-dei.jpgThis organization has a $42 million, 17-story headquarters building on Lexington Avenue in New York City, claims 85,000 members in 60 countries, and was featured in Dan Brown’s bestseller The Da Vinci Code. Now that its existence has been significantly unsecretized, this ultraorthodox Catholic sect has definitely raised its share of eyebrows. Founded in 1928 by Saint Josemaría Escrivá (a Spanish priest who bore an uncanny resemblance to Karl Malden), Opus Dei is the short name for the Prelature for the Holy Cross and the Work of God. The sect (some would say cult) stresses a return to traditional Catholic orthodoxy and behavior, especially celibacy, with members falling into one of three levels. Numeraries live in Opus Dei facilities, devote their time and money to the prelature, attend mass daily, and engage in mortification of the flesh (wearing a spiked chain around the thigh called a cilice, taking cold showers, or flagellating themselves with a knotted rope called "the discipline").
Next come Associates (kind of Numeraries, but living "off campus"), then Supernumeraries (the rank-and-file members). The group did gain the praise of Pope John Paul II, and has engaged in a lot of charity work. yet, critics accuse the group of being linked to fascist organizations like Franco’s government in Spain, and of anti-Semitism and intolerance, even of other Catholics.
4. Skull and Bones

http://www.neatorama.com/images/2006...-and-bones.jpgTop dog among all the collegiate secret societies, Yale’s Skull and Bones dates to 1832 and goes by other spooky names like Chapter 322 and the Brotherhood of Death. With a large number of Bonesmen who have attained positions of power, including the president and the head of the CIA, it’s no wonder that rumors abound that the society is hell-bent on obtaining power and influencing U.S. foreign policy. The fact that they meet in an imposing templelike building on the Yale campus called (what else?) the Tomb doesn’t really help. Bonesmen are selected, or "tapped," during their junior year and can reveal their membership only after they’ve graduated. But they can never talk about it. The Bones have been accused of all sorts of crazy rituals and conspiracies, including drug smuggling and the assassination of JFK (a hated Hahvahd man, after all). It’s even rumored that the skull of Geronimo resides in the Tomb, stolen from its resting place by Prescott Bush, Dubya’s granddad. In one of the more commonly known rituals, the initiate spends all night naked in an open coffin, confessing all his sexual experiences to the group. So, who’s lucky enough to have made such as confession? George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, John Kerry, William Howard Taft, McGeorge Bundy, William F. Buckley, and Henry Luce are just a few.
5. The Bohemian Club

http://www.neatorama.com/images/2006...-club-logo.jpgThis is a weird one. In the majestic forests of Sonoma County north of San Francisco lies the Bohemian Grove, the 2,700-acre wooded retreat of the Bohemian Club, the nation’s most exclusive men’s club. Every July since 1879, the "Bohos" have gathered at the Grove for a two-week encampment, where they’re divided into more than 100 residential camps with names like Owl’s Nest, Cave Man, and Lost Angels. Membership has included, well, just about everybody important: Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon (who once called it "faggy"), Gerald Ford, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, and many CEOs and wealthy business leaders like Malcolm Forbes. Each encampment opens with a robed-and-hooded ceremony called the Cremation of Care, in which an effigy called "Dull Care" (symbolizing worldly concerns) is burned before a 40-foot concrete statue of an owl, symbol of wisdom and the club’s mascot. Throughout the week, plays are staged (called High Jinx and Low Jinx), there’s lots of eating and drinking (and, reportedly, urinating on trees), and members are treated to speeches called Lakeside Talks. Some opponents go so far as to accuse the group of Satanism, witchcraft, homosexuality, and prostitution, while more reasonable observers object to the Lakeside Talks as national policy discussions to which the public is not privy. But above all, it’s seen as a way that some of the elite meet others of the elite, thereby ensuring that they’ll all stay elite. All this makes the club’s seemingly anticonspiratorial slogan - "Weaving spiders, come not here" - that much more ironic.
6. The Trilateral Commission

http://www.neatorama.com/images/2006...commission.jpgWhile not, on its face, as juicily sinister as some of the other societies on this list, the Trilateral Commission has been accused of all sorts of underhanded shenanigans by its critics. Formed in 1973 by David Rockefeller, the Commission includes over 300 prominent citizens from Europe, Asia, and North America in a forum for discussing the regions’ common interests. But conspiracy theorist hold that the Trilateral Commission, along with the Council on Foreign Relations and others, is really just a front for a larger, more sinister order called the Round Table Groups, founded in London over 100 years ago and bent on the creation of new world order, a global capitalist police state. Yikes! (For the record, some say that the Round Table Groups are themselves just fronts for another society, the Illuminati, so who knows?) American members of the Trilateral Commission have included Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney, and Dianne Feinstein.
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Howard Brown
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Whats particularly interesting about a couple of the groups you mention is that far Left as well as far Right organizations both bemoan the less-party based politics of the individuals in these groups and both assail the intent of the groups

The nearly defunct SWP ( Socialist Workers Party....comprised of non working interleckshuels for the most part...funded by capitalist leftist liberals ) and Nationalist groups ( heavily saturated with Fed.Govt. agents at present following the Okla.City bombing ) when they are not waxing philosophical about the other one's platforms and policies...usually link the other "side" to the Trilaterists or Weishaupt's modern Illuminati.
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Robert Linford
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The only way to have a secret society is to restrict the membership to one member.
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Joe Chetcuti
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Default For American cable tv viewers...

There will be a two hour program tonight on the Discovery Channel about the history of Freemasons. Though I'm not a fan of the theories that claim a Freemasonry involvement in the Whitechapel murders, this tv program might be able to give us a better understanding about where these theorists are coming from.

The spelling of the word J-u-w-e-s in the GSG has been the main reason why the Freemasons are linked with the Mitre Square murder.
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Joe Chetcuti
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Default The show was worth watching.

Philip Hutchinson provided the commentary during the segment of last night's program which discussed the alleged Masonic involvement in the Whitechapel killings. The Royal Conspiracy theories of the 1970's were looked into again. The tv show was well made, and all the commentators were well-prepared.

The Hiram Abiff legend was talked about in detail. You couldn't help but learn things in this segment. I only saw two weak aspects during the presentation. First, the re-enactment of the Mitre Square murder and the GSG discovery was pretty lame. They were both filled with inaccurate depictions. Second, the show avoided any talk about the Masonic oath. This oath is the main reason why Catholics are not permitted to join the Freemasons.

Check the Discovery Channel to find out when they'll re-run the show. Ultimately, the program discarded any Masonic involvement in the Whitechapel killings.
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Chris G.
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Hi Joe

I would say you are correct that the graffito allegedly mentioning the "Juwes" is, as you say, the main reason to link the Freemasons to the Ripper case. Of course there are other interpretations of what that word is, that "Jews" was meant but misspelled, or as Roslyn D'Onston argued that the killer actually wrote "Juives" (the French version of "Jews") but that the dot was lost on the wall. Or even more bizarre, the Maybrickites' argument that it actually said "James" for James Maybrick. As we all have been discussing though we don't know if the killer really did write the graffito.

Christopher T. George
Organizer, RipperCon 2018 in Baltimore
For info about RipperCon in Baltimore, MD,
April 7-8, 2018, go to http://rippercon.com/
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Joe Chetcuti
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Hi Chris,

Last night's tv program mentioned the basic points we've all heard before which allegedly linked the GSG with the Freemasons:

* The spelling of the word Juwes in relationship to the Hiram Abiff legend.

* The fact that the Mitre and the Square is used in masonry.

* They mentioned that Sir Charles Warren, a mason, ordered the writing erased.

* And of course they spoke of how the "apron" is a very important piece of attire for Freemasons.

In the end, the show offered a rebuttal to Warren's erasing of the GSG by claiming that it was ordered for the sake of preventing a riot. There wasn't anything really new for me to report on concerning this Masonic/Ripper theory which could be drawn out from this tv show. But the information they shared about the history of Freemasonry made the program well worth watching.

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Joe Chetcuti
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Thank you very much for sharing all of that, Robert. From now on I think I'll just call you Mr. Upgrade. You have a terrific habit of enhancing every thread you post on.
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Robert Linford
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Thanks Joe.

I regret to say I still haven't made a bread pudding though.

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