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Mary Kelly Not just killed, but destroyed, and more mystery than you can shake a stick at.

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Debra Arif
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Originally Posted by Roy Corduroy View Post
From another thread

Yes Debs, makes sense to me. This thread is about Wilhemena, who was Adrianus' daughter from his first wife. I"m getting up to speed now.

And Debs, I think you found the Morgensterns in history used the name Felix, too.

The Sheldens opened up the door by linking Elizabeth Phoenix to Adrianus Morgenstern. The gasworks may not be the biggest clue of all.The gasworks is in there somewhere, we just don't know which one. I've read books about the London gasworks, their territories, their mergers, I've plotted them on maps.
It's one of them

Hi Roy,
I continued the Felix/Morgenstern discussion on a new thread. Here it is if you didn't catch it when it was more active.


Originally I was trying to make sense of the Catholic baptism record of a Felix child whose parents were Adrian and Janette/Annette, the name Adrianus used in later years and the two names his first wife also used.

The record in fact related to Adrianus's brother John's in laws, who although being officially named 'Valk,' used the surname variations Falk and Felix. I thought it might explain why John Morgenstern was using the surname Felix in 1881; because his wife and in-laws used it as a variation of their surname of Valk.
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San Fran
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I just found out that Valk is Dutch for falcon.


So it's an easy transition to Falk.

I don't know how they went from Falk to Felix since Fel is German for pelt and Dutch for bright. They probably got it from other German skinners.


Do you think they had any idea of the link between Felix and Phoenix? Subconscious maybe for a Falcon family?
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