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James Kelly Was the Broadmoor Escapee Jack The Ripper?

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Old May 27th, 2008, 06:16 AM   #1
Peter O
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Default James Kelly ( General discussion)

I am by no means saying JtR was James Kelly.

What worries me about James Kelly though is the fact that there is no doubt that he was a butty short of a picnic and had murderous tendencies but that his wearabouts are unknown in 1888 after his escape from Broadmoor.

Some I have spoken to have dismissed him right away. I wonder why this is and what others theories on JK are?

Any thoughts will be taken on board and greatly appreciated.

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Howard Brown
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If possible, and of course if you have the desire, could you present your thoughts on Kelly-as-Ripper for the boards?

I'm assuming you have the James Tully book on hand ( Prisoner 1167)....

Thank you.
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Peter O
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Default Tonight - I will

I just typed out upto New Orleans and my computer crashed. No Autosave. As at work will do tonight.

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