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James Kelly Was the Broadmoor Escapee Jack The Ripper?

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Ryan Miller
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Default A Cast of Characters in the life of James Kelly

Listed below are a few interesting or important characters in the story of James Kelly. I am pretty certain that most of the information listed is accurate as I have spent a great deal of time checking multiple sources and censuses to compile this list.

I also believe that I have found "Tyman" the Broadmoor Attendant that was on watch when James Kelly escaped in 1888. He was later relieved of his position for his negligence, and was at times accused of "aiding" in the escape. I found Tyman listed at the correct times with his occupation listed as Attendant, living in or near Broadmoor in the pre-1888 censuses and then as a Shoe-maker in the post 1888 census (after he would have been fired). The Home Office files list him as 58 years old in 1888.

I have compiled a list of Broadmoor's Medical Superintendents which is listed as follows:

Medical Superintendents

Dr John Meyer 1863-1870

Dr William Orange 1870-1886

Dr David Nicolson 1886-1895

Dr. Richard Whitfield Brayn 1895-1910

Dr. John Baker 1910-1920

Dr William Charles Sullivan 1920-1926

Dr Harry Percival Foulerton 1926-1937

Dr Joseph Stanley Hopwood 1938-1952

Dr SG James 1952-1956

Dr Patrick McGrath 1956-1981

Dr Edgar Udwin 1981-1983

Dr John Hamilton 1983-1989

*John Hamilton had the title Medical Director, but the last person to hold the Medical Superintendent’s position.* After 1989 the post was split between a General Manager, responsible for administration and management, and a Medical Director, in charge of patient’s treatment.

Below are a few of the Individuals that played large roles in the life of James Kelly. I have an extended list of more minor characters as well if anyone is interested.

James Kelly (Prisoner 1167)

b: 20 April, 1860 m: 4 June, 1883 d: 17 September, 1929

Sarah Kelly Allan (Mother of James Kelly)
b: 1843 m: 12 April, 1870 d: 29 July, 1874

John Allan (Step-Father of James Kelly)
b: m: 12 April, 1870 d: 29 July, 1874

Theresa Sherry Kelly (Grandmother of James Kelly)
b: 1809 m: 23 August, 1830 d: 1876

Sarah Ann "Titty" Brider (Wife of James Kelly)
b: 28 June, 1861 m: 4 June, 1883 d: 24 June, 1883

Sarah Ann Booker Brider (Mother-in-Law of James Kelly)
b: June, 1838 m: 11 June, 1860 d: October, 1915

John Charles Brider (Father-in-Law of James Kelly)
b: 1839 m: 11 June, 1860 d: 15 November, 1892

Mary Ann Sherry Motler (Great Aunt of James Kelly)
b: 1818 (Italy) m: 1840 d: April, 1882

Dr. William Orange (Broadmoor Medical Superintendent)

b: 24 October, 1834 m: 12 April, 1864 d: 31 December, 1916

Dr. Joseph Stanley Hopwood (Broadmoor Medical Superintendent)

b: 13 September, 1886 m: d: 27 December, 1971

Dr. David Nicholson (Broadmoor Medical Superintendent)

b: m: d:

Sir Richard Whitfield Brayn (Broadmoor Medical Superintendent)
b: June 14, 1850 m: April, 1878 d: 12 March, 1912

Dr. Harry Percival Foulerton (Broadmoor Medical Superintendent)
b: April, 1874 m: 28 April, 1900 d: 9 October, 1951

Dr. Oliver Fereira Naylor Treadwell (Assit. Surgeon HM Clerkenwell)
b: 1860 m: July, 1885 d: 7 November, 1940

Mr. Charles Louis St. John (British Consul in New Orleans)
b: 2 March, 1831 m: 1 July, 1875 d: 8 June, 1897

Dr. Robert Munday Gover
b: m: d:

John James Tyman (Broadmoor Attendant)
b: 10 September, 1829 m: April, 1873 d: 25 December, 1902

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Ryan Miller
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I am also curious if Dr. Robert Munday Gover is the "Dr. Gover" that appears in so many reports alongside Dr. Orange? Would anybody have any information on whether that is right to assume?
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Roy Corduroy
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Thank you Ryan, and again kudos to you for obtaining information during your trip to the United Kingdom and the interpretative work you are doing.

I did a little census work, mainly with the help of Robert L. I don't know if you were able to see some of it which I posted over on Casebook. And I have a little more which Robert found that I didn't post up. Anyway, first question to you or anyone please. In the book Tully several times wrote James Kelly was 'raised devout' but he didn't indicate which denomination. We found nothing to indicate which religion, Catholic, protestant or Church of England of any of his family. Sarah Kelly, his mother, married John Allan in a C of E church in 1870. And James Kelly married Sarah Brider in a C of E church. But one would assume Kelly being of Irish stock he was raised Catholic. I wonder, Ryan did you find anything conclusive along that line so that when Tully said 'raised devout' he meant JK was brought up in a specific denomination?


edit - Foulerton 1926 to 1937
Hopwood 1938 to 1952
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Howard Brown
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Excellent job, Ryan ! Thanks for sharing the information.....
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Ryan Miller
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I have been searching through census after census trying to track down James' side of the family. Sarah Ann Brider's hasn't been much of a challenge as they have plenty of documentation, and have records of even sending all their boys off to school, as well.

I was on a search to track down more details on Sarah Kelly and Theresa Kelly and found a few interesting things.

As I searched for Theresa I found an 1861 Census with Theresa (52) as the Head of Household. It listed a Theresa Jenkins (20), Sarah Kelly (17), Amelia Wilson (23), and James Jenkins (1). Theresa was also listed as married, which I found odd, as it had been 31 years since her marriage to John Kelly, and he isn't listed. Theresa Jenkins and Sarah Kelly are both listed as daughters of Theresa Kelly. I am trying to figure out how that plays out. However, it dawned on me that with James being born in 1860 he would also be 1 year old and that could be him listed.

In the 1871 Census I found Phillip Motler (52), Mary Motler (54), Mary Motler (23), and James Motler (11) living in Eccles, Lanchashire. James Kelly, again, was born in 1860, and would have been 11 at that time. I found it odd that in the following Censuses there was no mention of a James Motler, that I could find. It could have been James briefly living with the Motlers during the Census year.

Of course I ventured over to Casebook about a week later, and found that you and Robert had also stumbled across the same records much earlier, and reached pretty much the same conclusion about them both being James. That alone made me feel a little better, being that I was worried I might be grasping a little too much there. You have to love when you think you've discovered something only to find someone else discovered it long before you. Good work to both of you though.

On the note of his religion, he did get married at St. Luke's Parish Church, which is as you said Anglican or Church of England. I noticed that Theresa's sister, Mary Ann Sherry Motler, was said to have been born in Genoa, Liguria, Italy, just over 300 miles from Vatican City. I would think that she probably would have had a Catholic upbringing, as she was born within a 500 mile radius of The HOME OF CATHOLICISM. The mix of Irish and Italian influences make me think he would have initially had more Catholicism, initially, in his beliefs.

However, from the various notes that he wrote, he seems to be a people pleaser. His letters to Sarah Ann Brider show that he was infatuated with her, or at least the idea of her. I envision James Kelly, as religious minded, but not a strict adherent to a particular denomination. I believe he definitely had Catholic influences, but in order to please his wife and her family he would have gladly been married at a Church of England Church, and probably attended whatever services the Brider's would have attended.

In his statement to Dr. Harry Percival Foulerton, Broadmoor Superintendent, he makes a few religious references/statements:

"It now seems to me with Divine Help, that I conclude this..."

"However, a clergyman's son lent me a sovereign and I got back to England. I payed him back sending the money a Postal Order for 1-0-0 to the Young Mens Christian Association."

"... I am writing in a religious mood"

"... I must say that I am glad to get back to Broadmoor Asylum, so as to get away from what is neither real CIVILIZATION or real CHRISTIANITY."

None of these pinpoint a specific denomination, but do show that even into his later years religion was still a integral part of his life.
(Friday, April 20, 1860 - Thursday, September 17,1929)

BERKSHIRE RECORD OFFICE: D/H14/D2/2/1/1167, D/H14/D2/2/1/3510

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