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Jonathan Hainsworth
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Default Le Queux not fooled?

From 'The Daily News' (Western Australia) May 29th 1899

An article repdocuding the hot scoop of Major FGridffiths from his 1898 book that the police had a trio of suspects, the drowned English doctor being the best.

But it quotes the best-selling writer (Sims' rightw-ing counterpart) that this is all a phony baloney:

'Says Mr. William Le Queux :— 'During the period of the "Jack the Ripper"
murders, in pursuing my profession as journalist, I immediately visited the
scenes of each of the crimes, spent many exciting days and nights in Whitechapel, and accompanied several of the detectives—who were my personal friends — on their active investigations. I, therefore, saw more of these revolting crimes,their details, and the methods of the police than any of the outside public, and I can only add to the Major's statement that the police were utterly mystified, overwhelmed by a jumble of false and
absurd clues, and from the first to last were entirely without any real suspicion of the identity of the murderer.

It was only long after the final crime that the theory above given was started in order to satisfy the public, and to account for the failure to make an arrest. The truth is, that the mystery of "Jack the Ripper" is as inscrutable today as ever it was.'

George Sims -- 'Good Old Mac's' pal -- may have signed up to this blatant propaganda offensive, but Le Queux was having none of it.
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Great find, Jonathan! Thanks for posting.

Yours truly,

Tom Wescott
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