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Debra Arif
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Originally Posted by Jonathon Hainsworth
We know that on a day Mac was at Eton, on one of his frequent visits as on Old Boy, Ostrog stole valuables from the place -- the place Mac regarded as the locale of the happiest says of his entire life. He did it more than once.

So, he knew Ostrog's particulars -- right?

That he was a low-life thief and a con man. Ostrog pretended to be a doctor, but was not really a medical man. He was a confidence man.

But when Mac wrote about him in his Report(s) Macnaghten turned him into a doctor.

A real doctor.
I hope this doesn't offend you-but this point more than any other you've made in the past has struck a chord with me! (Better late than never, eh? I was actually thinking about it a lot last week when you made it on another thread)
I can't see now how Macnaghten could have mistakenly thought Ostrog was a real doctor if he was definitely aware of Ostrog's thefts from Eton.
I wonder what occupation is given for Ostrog in his criminal records?
In the Aylesbury Buckinghamshire Quarter sessions calendars from JULY 1894 he's listed as a labourer.
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Jonathan Hainsworth
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Dear Debs

Offended, of course not.

I am relieved somebody can engage with me -- which is not the same as agreeing -- just not bombard me with redundant cliches as if that is a counter-argument.

I think this aspect is vital.

He knew Ostrog and he changed him to suit the audience, and I think to exact a private, school-boy revenge on the Russian thief.
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Chris G.
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Hi Jonathan and Deb

I think it's interesting to note that while the medical community came to hotly deny that the Ripper's mutilations showed any medical skill, Macnaghten said Druitt and Ostrog were doctors, as if that made them better suspects. Just noting, for the record.

Best regards

Christopher T. George
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Jonathan Hainsworth
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That's what I am arguing -- Macnaghten experimented with the Jekyll/Hyde template.

In 1907, Sims made significant play with this aspect: the 'anatomical knowledge' of the mad surgeon, who killed himself instantly because he was jus ta a shrieking husk after Kelly.

In his memoirs Mac dropped this melodramatic facade:

No mention of [the un-mnamed] Druitt as a medical man, no mention of even a hint of 'anamtocal knolwedge' that the suicided man had been sectioned is denied, as is that he killed himself instantly, and no mention is made of the Russian or the Pole at all -- they are nothing.

The Jekyll and Hyde template is absent from the memoirs which was the revelatory shocker, for me, when I first read the chapter.
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