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Mysteries Within The Mystery Forum for researchers to list what they feel are the most uncanny mysteries within the greater mystery....the identity and motive of the Whitechapel Murderer

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How about McCarthy not hitting on anyone for the rent, but trying to portray himself as Mr. Good Guy who didn't turf his tennant out onto the street when her financial support lost his job and tootled off into the sunset. Maybe he didn't want to be seen as a heartless b...tard who forced Kelly to prostitute herself to pay him his rent and effectively sent her to her death.
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Thats not a bad scenario either.

There is the point that I think Paley made that Barnett and Kelly had already been thrown out of a room in Paternoster street/something for not paying the rent there either (and being drunk).

So its possible they have form for not paying rent.

Barnetts efforts to portray himself, and Kelly when she was with him, as squeaky clean really dont convince much.

And he doth protest too much methinks when he pushes the point at the inquest that she didnt leave him because he lost his job.

Which seems unlikely given that money and his access to it and his problems paying rent seem to underly much of their relationship.

"Chance hasn't yet peached on Jack the Ripper.If she ever does, it will probably be cause for grotesque disappointment among the Ripperologists, who get as much joy from attacking one another's lunacies, as from any problems originally posed by the Whitechapel murderer" R. Gowers, The Independant, Saturday, 31 December 1994
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Originally Posted by Anna Morris View Post
McCarthy's sworn testimony at inquest: I was paid 4/6d a week for the room but rent was 29s/ - in arrear, the rent was paid to me weekly the room was let weekly.

Wherever the 29s/- came from it may have been first mentioned at the inquest. Maybe McCarthy had taken time to figure up past rent, fish and chips, candles, wood or coal.....etc.? If she was so horribly behind I wondered how/why she was able to buy candles from McCarthy. I would think he would have snatched whatever she had to apply to the rent.
"McCarthy, the proprietor of this shop, has no hesitation in avowing his knowledge that all his six houses were tenanted by women of a certain class. They were let out in separate rooms 'furnished', that is to say, there is in each of them a bed and a table, and, perhaps, one or two odds and ends, all of the roughest and most trumpery description, since if any of the things had any appreciable value in the market they would be certain to disappear. For these rooms rents are supposed to be paid daily, but of course they will sometimes get a good deal in arrear."

The Daily News and the Echo, 10th Nov 1888
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Hi All,

At 4 and 6 a week, rent arrears of 29 bob would have been the equivalent of around six and a half weeks non-payment. Seems to me that McCarthy was implying that Kelly had paid next to nothing since Barnett lost his job then moved out, which makes reasonable sense, whether he was bigging up the amount owing or had the paperwork to show for it. Kelly was in no position to confirm or deny, and if Barnett had on occasion been able to spare a bit during that period, he wouldn't have known if Kelly had put it towards the rent or pissed it away.

The main thing is that no money was found in the room as far as we know. So Bowyer was destined to go back empty-handed to his boss, and regardless of who spent time with Kelly that night, she died without a farthing to her name.

Are we looking for a Scottish ripper who took his money back each time?


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