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Default January/February 2016

Have managed to get a lot of reading in since Christmas. No direct JtR stuff, but what I have read has links. I've just finished John Bennetts Krayology, which is superb. To avoid repeating posts, I popped a review here:

Prior to this, I read David Peace's Red Riding Quartet.
I usually read various types of non-fiction books. a couple of years ago, in comparing recently read stuff a friend was bewildered by my complete lack of fiction in what I'd read in the past 12 months (there was none!) I too was surprised, even though I hadn't noticed. Since I've tried to read a bit more. And I've enjoyed it.

These 4 books (1974, 1977, 1980 & 1983) are based around the locality and initially the time of the Yorkshire Ripper murders. A couple of characters occur in more than one book, a few others are referenced in different books, and central themes are around criminal activity (by criminals, and by the police) as well as many socially occurring relationships, corruptions, and personal and public battles.

And the series was quite simply gripping. The stories are well written. Dark in tone as well as content, the trajectory tends to be downwards, usually in a spiral for most, if not all of the characters. Plenty die along the way, and ambiguity for many of the crimes remains. essential for maintaining curiosity of the reader.

1977 in particular references the JtR crimes. Worryingly (in a way) one of the chapters early on starts with a description of the interior of 13 millers court. What worried me was how quickly (within 4-6 words) I knew the scene and description.

To quote an ex-python, this is a series of ripping yarns with a number of interesting, intriguing, frequently contradictory characters. Frequently you weren't sure who the good guys were. Sometimes, there weren't really any good guys - quite possibly a significant point of the story, or parts of the story.

That said, cracking read. Really didn't want to put them down.
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