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Jan Bondeson
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Yes, very sad to see the end of the great RWE, but he had been ill for a few months and in hospital with heart trouble for two weeks. His brain was in good working order until the end, and his memory was quite extraordinary - he could describe a book he had seen fifty years earlier. RWE's best crime books were probably Philip Yale Drew, Birdhurst Rise and the Torso Mystery. Some of his later privately published books may well become scarce, particularly those dealing with obscure literary types. Although an enemy of the Computer Age, he wrote his later books on a Mac, used email regularly, and was conversant with the use of CDs and memory sticks. I wrote his Wikipedia entry and bibliography (see #1) and I also sourced the illustrations for his O'Donnell book. The cover was adapted from that of O'Donnell's 'Some Haunted Houses' (1908) in my collection.

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Chris G.
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Hi all

Here is greetings from the late Richard Whittington-Egan to the first U.S. Jack the Ripper Convention held in Park Ridge, New Jersey, in April 2000, and published in that month's convention issue of Ripper Notes.

Earlier, in 1994, I wrote to Mr. Whittington-Egan about the Maybrick Diary. Actually I privately thought he himself would make a good suspect for having forged the diary, as a writer who was from Liverpool and who knew about both the Maybrick Case and the Ripper Case. I thought it could have been done as a joke perhaps and not to make money. In any case, RWE wrote back to me a short note in that tiny handwriting of his in May 1994 saying that he did not believe Maybrick was the Ripper and ended the note by indicating that he thought the only connection might be that "James Maybrick" is an anagram for "I Am Barmy Jack!" I recently sold the letter to a dealer in books and ephemera along with a copy of his excellent book, The Ordeal of Philip Yale Drew.

Best regards


Christopher T. George
Organizer, RipperCon 2018 in Baltimore
For info about RipperCon in Baltimore, MD,
April 7-8, 2018, go to http://rippercon.com/
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Howard Brown
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Very cool post, CG.....

How about RWE going to Whitechapel at the age of 11 !!!
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