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Old December 6th, 2016, 11:25 AM   #11
Anna Morris
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I like lutefisk.

You have to hand it to the ancient people who knew how to make safe rotten...umm...fermented fish. How much rot is good rot and how much is dangerous. Wonder how they figured it out? Because salt was in short supply the fermentation methods were invented.

Europeans thought Native Americans were primitive but they smoked and dried salmon and cooked it on cedar planks. We do all of this today and the cedar planking is straight from the tribes.

The Wiki article I posted mentioned that there is an extract of fermented fish in Worcestershire Sauce. Maybe that's where the heads go from the Swedish fermented herring?
If the shawl doesn't fit, you must acquit.~~Henry Flower, Casebook post

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Old December 8th, 2016, 04:34 PM   #13
Christer Holmgren
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Originally Posted by Robert Linford View Post
Thanks for that Scandinavian tour, Fish. Absolutely mouth-watering.
My pleasure, Robert. I often hear that my posts are rotten, but the fewest commend me on it.
"In these matters it is the little things that tell the tales" - Coroner Wynne Baxter during the Nichols inquest.
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Jerry Dunlop
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Originally Posted by Christer Holmgren View Post
Under water? That´s for sissies, Robert. Straight out of the can is the common way to go about it. You put the fish in soft bread and fold it up together with potatoes and perhaps some onion, and then you gobble it down with snaps.

Surströmming is more common the further north you travel in Sweden. If you go west, you end up in Norway and you can have "rakörret", which is trout that has been dug down in the ground to ferment. If you prefer rotten whalemeat, it´s Iceland you should head for.

And David Frost used to say that in hell, the Brits do the cooking...
It's actually shark meat. Hákarl

I've tried it and lost my cookies.
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