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Old October 26th, 2013, 12:49 PM   #11
Mike Covell
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Jenni, there are no shades, no hesitations or doubts, just endlessly, solidly provided facts that show this to be nothing more than a hoax. Well done, and great work to Ripperologist for publishing this fantastic expose by Jenni.
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Old October 26th, 2013, 01:17 PM   #12
Lynn Cates
Researcher & Author
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Default kudos

Hello Jeni. Kudos.

Minutiae well spotted.

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Old October 26th, 2013, 01:25 PM   #13
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Agreed - great article!
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Old October 26th, 2013, 02:10 PM   #14
Researcher and Award Winning Author
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Quick question for Jenni....is it even an established fact that Tony Williams is in any way related to Sir John?

Yours truly,

Tom Wescott
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Old October 26th, 2013, 02:25 PM   #15
Jennifer Shelden
Join Date: Feb 2010
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Hi Tom,
the family tree in U ncle Jack is not correct. Tw family are distantly (not uncle ) related to John,but as mentioned in the article in his previous work tw states he is illegitimate and hence is not a Williams.

I'm glad you all enjoyed the article , like you all I was shocked and dismayed to learn the public were being duped.

"be just and fear not"
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Old October 30th, 2013, 10:33 AM   #16
Livia Trivia
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Boston MA
Posts: 607

Truly impressive work Jenni, made doubly so
with having had to slog through such execrable
prose several times.
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Old October 30th, 2013, 11:42 AM   #17
Chris G.
Editor,Ripperologist Magazine
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Location: Baltimore, Maryland
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....................................Jennifer Shelden Hoaxbuster
Christopher T. George
Co-Organizer, RipperCon in Baltimore
Editor-at-Large, Ripperologist
For info about RipperCon, in Baltimore, MD,
April 8-10, 2016, go to http://rippercon.com/
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Old November 1st, 2013, 02:44 AM   #18
Former Caption Czarina
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Well Done !
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Old December 18th, 2013, 02:21 PM   #19
Author, Researcher, God.
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Default Subject: Re: Latest Ripper

Sue Shore, the great great great granddaughter in law of Superintendent John Shore has just mailed me this -

From Sue

Hi Neil

Have you seen the latest 'Ripper' article in WDYTYA (Who do you think you are - NB) magazine???

Please wish everyone a merry Xmas from us all -

hope to see you all in Jan 2014.


My reply

Hey Sue,

No I haven't, any good?

Thank you, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Sues response.

It's an article by Antonia Alexander who is apparently descended from Mary Kelly - her grandmother provided interesting information - they think the Ripper is Sir John Williams (Queen Victoria's surgeon) and thought to be Mary Kelly's lover!!!

Apparently Sir John and Mary Kelly went to Paris together - Ms Alexander now wants to know 'where they stayed while in Paris and what they did while they were there'.

Sir John left London after having a nervous breakdown and retired to Wales - just at the murders stopped of course.

Ms Alexander's written a book called 'The Fifth Victim' - out now - 11.90.


I cannot believe they have fallen for it.

Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper


Co-Author of Sir Howard Vincent's Police Code 1889

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Old December 18th, 2013, 02:44 PM   #20
Howard Brown
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Eagleville, Pa.
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Its a situation where you don't know whether to laugh or cry, isn't it ?
It'd be a crime if the two fraudsters get away with this.
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