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Howard Brown
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Default February-March

Your review of a Ripper related work is desired....
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Default Jack The Ripper and the East End

Jack The Ripper and the East End (Alex Werner)
Had a break & read 2 non-ripper related books.

Read this to ease myself back in.
Not specifically Ripper, more about the East End. A collection of essays relating to the area.

An interesting read, gave me a few new thoughts about the prevailing environment in the autumn of terror.

Peter Ackroyd gives an overview of the books detailing aspects of the East End.
John Marriott discusses the geography of whitechapel - a distinct history of the growth of whitechapel & spitalfields, with a good docuumentation of the 200 years immediately prevailing. Covering how whitechapel came to be.

Ann kershen discusses the growth of the jewish population, giving a new insight as to why jews left their homelands, why they chose london, & interestingly gives an overview of their mindsets whilst settiling. This is contrasted with the settled jewish community & how they wanted the newer immigrants to assimilate.

Louise jackson details the criminality of the populace, together with a description of some of the stae means to deal with criminality. More discussion here on magestratial actions, rather than the police force.

Richard Dennis details the living conditions of the majority of the populace of whitechapel, what one could expect for their 4d, the conditions, the realities of every day (& night) life, & the role lodgings had in whitechapel.

Ellen Ross gives possibly a femenist history of the implications of the whitechapel crimes. There is a lot of interesting comment on the types of women drawn to whitechapel to do good in the autumn of terror &^ immediately after. The range of women coming & their histories was also enlightening.

Laura vaughan gives a very accessible overview of spatial surveys, & what it can tell us of the whitechapel area, as well as issues around the demographics of the people living in the whitechapel areas of the 1888 timeframe, together with implications for accessible areas, inaccessible areas, & the proximities of the ethnicities living together as well as apart in the neighbourhoods.

Clive Bloom closes with the how the east end, the ripper and finally the victims have been stereotyped on the silver screen.

The book is a good accompaniment to the Ripper library I appear to be building. Knowledge & understanding of the case will only come with knowledge & understanding of the context of the area and its people. A very well produced work with numerous intelligent & thought provoking images to accompany the text. Made me realise I missed very interesting exhibition.
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