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Howard Brown
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Default Site Changes and You

Some of you may have noticed ( even Robert Linford) that the site has been thinned out ( 13 to 14 percent of the previous content ).

We have some surprises in store this year and we simply needed the space...and in closing if anyone has some suggestions on how to expand the study of the Whitechapel Murders ( Like, uh , maybe discussing the articles in the magazines...discussing what search engines you have looked into for newspaper articles...what you have been considering writing an article on...developing rapport with other Ripperologists...that sort of stuff...) here on JTRForums....then speak your mind. I'm sure each of you has an idea on something new or even something old to rehash.

If some of you need assistance on getting started on certain projects...feel free to ask. You are bound to get some help from someone on the site. You won't get anything if you do not ask.

This year I have to make arrangements with a local University to access an archived major US newspaper that has never been examined either here or elsewhere...and dig into their archives and put them on the boards.

How about you? Is there a library near you or an available search engine you could be working on?

Be sure to share your ideas too.


How Brown
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