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Default George Street/George Yard ca. 1888

I take it that George St and George Yard were different animals ca. 1888 as, I believe they are today. My question: where was George St., specifically 19 George St. (Tabram)? Spitalfields? Where or what is Spitalfields? A district of London? Northish maybe from Whitechapel?


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Howard Brown
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George Street is north of Wentworth St.
George Yard is below Wentworth, which runs east-west.
Here's a link which will be of use, Rod:


You'll see references to the Whitechapel Murders ( usually abbreviated "WM" on the Forums).
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Thanks How! More stupid questions to come, I'm sure!

Found it! This is fun! George St. (Spitalfields) renamed Lolesworth St. 1893. That's why I couldn't find it on my 1894 map. Don't really know what good it does, but now I know approximately where Martha Tabram and Emma Smith lived. Though I don't believe the latter had anything to do with JtR. Also is very near to Liz Strides abode, though I have my doubts JtR murdered her , either.

Thanks for the Site, it's very helpful!

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