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Upcoming Events In Ripperology From books to be released to films, individual projects to Conventions...all events in the near future in the world of Ripper research and of interest to the community.

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And in this interview, the angle seems to be that apart from the smell, the body was actually not so bad at all.

Can you explain your testing process. And did the remains make for easy DNA extraction?

We did not test the DNA, we sent it to King’s College in London. Ancient DNA [more than 10 years old] is a very specific method and only a few labs [in the world] will do it.

Did the sample’s condition surprise you when you came upon it?​

The grave was full of water and the remains were only part-decomposed. We had known that was a possibility but we were hoping for just a skeleton or maybe a mummy. The remains were in good shape but it was very wet and smelly, so not ideal conditions to work under.


The remains being in good shape hardly accords with ""Once it gets to that point we can't do anything with it. We can't test it, can't get any DNA out of it." "

"Chance hasn't yet peached on Jack the Ripper.If she ever does, it will probably be cause for grotesque disappointment among the Ripperologists, who get as much joy from attacking one another's lunacies, as from any problems originally posed by the Whitechapel murderer" R. Gowers, The Independant, Saturday, 31 December 1994
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All 8 episodes



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