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Darren Howell
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Default Evening all!

Hi guys,

Thanks for the add. I've been a 'fan' of Jack for years now -- if that's the right word! -- and stumbled across this brilliant site while doing some JtR research. In my limited spare time (kids, work, etc.!) I write TV and movie screenplays. I've had a couple of things optioned in the US, but nothing that's yet been produced. I've recently finished a 12 part TV drama series based on the exploits of Jack, but despite some great reads it never sold; mainly due to NBC turning the old Malcolm McDowell 'Time After Time' movie into a TV series.

Anyway, I've been frantically converting them to eBook format (Kindle, iBooks, etc.) and finally uploaded some episodes to Smashwords (like Amazon Books but easier to work with!). If you have five minutes to spare, give them a download (they're all FREE!), have a read and see what you think; if you left a review and/or shared the link that'd be even more awesome! I'm just seeing if I can garner some interest with them and develop my own IP.

Does Jack still sell, or has it been done to death now? Would the below logline interest you, intrigue you, and/or compel you to read/watch it?

A London detective is sent back in time by the US government to apprehend and return for trial the world’s most infamous serial killer: Jack the Ripper. When the Ripper escapes and the murders begin again, the detective must hunt him down and discover the real reason for his capture; and how Jack the Ripper is the only man on earth that can prevent a devastating global war.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

All the best,


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