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Old March 16th, 2016, 07:09 PM   #1
Daniel Cazard
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Default Greetings

Hi everyone!

I'm Daniel, I'm currently Nellie Bly's long-distance boyfriend #1, and I'd been on a little involuntary hiatus from the Whitechapel murders and what surrounds them for a while (though not in spirit), and finding myself once again greeting unexpected mornings brought upon by little details, as well as dreaming Victorian.

I'm already on casebook.org, I can be a knob when it's about questioning certainty (but a polite knob), I have no favourite suspects, but a few I deem interesting/possibl-ish, at the moment I want to learn more about Alice McKenzie, good luck, dear Self, and I'm generally glad about being lost in the Maze.

I'll do some good reading here first, and then I'd like to indulge myself as well.
Oh, and yes, I'm getting closer and closer to just having to write some Victorian fiction, too, although that'd be a major step for me.

Thanks for having me, cheers and fruitful days to all!

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Howard Brown
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Thanks for that, Daniel....and thank you again for joining The Forums.

Good luck with your plan regarding a fictional work !
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