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Howard Brown
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Default The Fever Of Fear

Speaking for myself, I find it just a bit ironic that as a full-time Ripper researcher...who trawls and scours 19th century papers and gives these newspapers the once over twice every day, rain or shine, sick or healthy as a race horse....specifically to locate articles or items of interest to improve upon the history of the field.....all the while, admittedly, relishing the moment when I do find an overlooked act of murder in an off the beaten track paper, an unreported crime similar to those of the Ripper in some archive....that although the past two weeks have been as unsettling in my country as they've been....I continue to look for those events and those 'man in the street' reactions to the crimes in London 128 years ago with as much zest and zeal as I did over a decade ago.

Anyway.....here's the fever of fear among people who felt just as defenseless as perhaps some other people do today in the States, France, and other 'target' areas of an insidious enemy....127 years ago.

Chin up, comrades.

Cincinnati Enquirer
July 20, 1889
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Cris Malone
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I'm sure that if you generated articles from 1968 you would find definite parallels. During the Watts riots of that time, they were not only shooting policemen, they were shooting firemen trying to put out fires in their very neighborhoods... yes they were doing that.

The difference is...in 1968, the anarchist behavior was not sanctioned by federal government officials.

Others may not understand this but I hope you do my friend. Lock and load. Take care of your loved ones.
Best Wishes,
Cris Malone
"Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."
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