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Howard Brown
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I'll be adding to this daily....below are the Tweets which I've posted on Twitter since we set up shop there

In 2017, there were 324 tweets posted within the 321 days since the account was created.

Feb 14- Debra Arif & Gary Barnett Catholic Census work
Feb 14- Frances Coles articles
Feb 15- Jerry Dunlop news articles on Annie Chapman
Feb 16- Link to Notables
Feb 17- Article about Inspector Thomas Byrnes (NYPD)
Feb 18- Article about Frederick Deeming
Feb 19- Link to Crime Documentaries
Feb 20- Research work into Pearly Poll
Feb 21- Article about Neill Cream
Feb 22- 1891 murder similar to Carrie Brown murder
Feb 23- 'Ripperlike' murder in Fall River, Mass 1893
Feb 24- Material on Hendrik DeJong
Feb 25- More on DeJong
Feb 26- Slums of the World
Feb 27- Eileen Luscombe & Charles Booth's notebooks
Feb 28- Doctored letter & Forbes Winslow
Mar 1- Serial killer loose in Western Europe ( 1898 ) ?
Mar 2- 'Blood Alley' -article on Dorset Street
Mar 3- Jerry Dunlop's article on an 1889 assault
Mar 4- American 'Whitechapels'
Mar 5- 1872 book by Gustave Dore'
Mar 6- Articles on Leather Apron
Mar 7- Notice about upcoming program on History Channel
Mar 8- Notice concerning 2018 American Ripper Convention
Mar 9- Debra Arif's work on Mary Kelly
Mar 10- Peter Damgaard's find- contemporary Whitechapel Murder songs
Mar 11- Murderland Revisited ( Pall Mall Gazette, 1890 )
Mar 12- Cadre of researchers digging into Kelly related material
Mar 13- 1889 article about Francis Tumblety
Mar 14- Gary Barnett & others at work in the SGITE records
Mar 15- Karsten Giese and two articles concerning 1891 German assaults
Mar 16- Kozminski related discussion from a wide number of people
Mar 17- Trip down Wentworth Street in 1908
Mar 18- Martha Biden...4th female Ripper-letter writer nabbed
Mar 19- New York Tribune articles
Mar 20- Belfast News-Letter articles
Mar 21- Penny Illustrated Paper articles
Mar 22- Letters To The Police & Press
Mar 23- St. James Gazette articles
Mar 24- Debra Arif's work on the true name of Albert Bachert/Backert
Mar 25- Cache of threads related to the murder of Carrie Brown in New York City, April 1891
Mar 26- PDF of 1894 Inspector Littlechild autobiography
Mar 27- Eileen Luscombe located a 127 page book on the life of Frederick Deeming
Mar 28- Caricatures from contemporary newspapers, books, and magazines related to the Ripper Murders and the East End.
Mar 29- Articles related to the Pinchin Street Torso
Mar 30- French language articles from Le Petit Parisien
Mar 31- Antecedents of two men relative to the Whitechapel Murders...William Grainger 1895 & James Sadler 1891
Apr 01- Discussion thread established for Tom Wescott's 'Ripper Confidential'.....
Apr 02- Fake News...pertaining to the murders ( 1888-1891 )
Apr 03- Cole Funeral....20,000 attendees
Apr 04- Articles about Emma Smith ( April 3, 1888 )
Apr 05- Articles concerning Richard Mansfield, American actor
Apr 06- Overseas police co-operation between Berlin & London
Apr 07- Kattrup & Nina Brown's research on a Dane who was probably a serial killer
Apr 08- LIFE Magazine articles
Apr 09- The rise of the Cosmopolitan Criminal ( 1892 )
Apr 10- Major Arthur Griffiths
Apr 11- Was Jack the Ripper a Slaughterman? Human-Animal Violence and Jack The Ripper
Apr 12- Albert Backert
Apr 13- 'Joe Palooka' comic series from 1934. Joe goes to Whitechapel
Apr 14- Wanted : An Efficient Detective Force ( October 1888...South London Press )
Apr 15- 5 Questions With
Apr 16- Phenomenon of Jack The Ripper
Apr 17- No Entry
Apr 18- No Entry
Apr 19- The Men Who Would Be Ripper
Apr 20- Liz Stride
Apr 20- Roslyn D'Onston
Apr 21- The Torsos
Apr 22- Stan Reid's Centenaries of Crime
Apr 23- Jon Guy Simon's Who's Who Of Whitechapel
Apr 24- Rose Mylett
Apr 25- Contemporary Theories
Apr 26- Throat cutting in 1892 Whitechapel
Apr 27- Other Murder Victims
Apr 28- The Murder Of Mary Ann Austin by Robert Clack
Apr 29- Debra Arif & The School Of Anatomy
Apr 30- Roy Corduroy's Limehouse thread
May 1- Jerry Dunlop and Peter Damgaard investigating articles related to the 1887 Rahway Murder
May 2- The Other Rippers.....
May 3- Murder & Assaults In The West End, Late Autumn 1894
May 4- Murder Most Foul by Tim Mosley
May 5- Mrs. Lynn Linton on Unconvicted Criminals & murderers
May 6- Articles concerning Coroner Wynne Baxter
May 7- Commissioner Bradford (Met Police ) sued in 1898
May 8- Old Bailey trials related to individuals suggested as Ripper suspects and peripheral cases
May 9- Atlanta's 'Black' Jack The Ripper murder skein from 100 years ago
May 10- Peter Damgaard and a French murder deemed similar to those in Whitechapel, but in 1886.
May 11- Peter Kurten on the cover of the July 9th, 1931 Illustrated Police News
May 12- Depiction of The 'Vienna Ripper' being jostled by a crowd after commiting a horrific murder
May 13- New series on 'Murders & Mysteries' from the Illustrated Police News
May 14- 32 part series in the Illustrated Police News ( 1906 ) True Story of JTR
May 15- 'Mysteries Of The Thames'- 1908 series in the Illustrated Police News
May 16- Who Were The Early Ripperologists ?
May 17- A 20th Century serial killer who brought back memories of the Ripper ( 1927 )
May 18- The Vampire of Dusseldorf...Peter Kurten, who claimed to have been impressed and influenced by Jack The Ripper
May 19- 1909 Murder of Kitty Roman
May 20- Programs and films about Jack The Ripper in languages other than English worldwide
May 21- Murder of Louisa Steel 1931 Blackheath recalls Ripper crimes
May 22- Tumblety threads
May 23- Atlanta's Black Jack The Ripper
May 24- South London Ripper scares in 1889
May 25- You Tube collection here on The Forums
May 26- The London Globe newspaper
May 27- No Entry
May 28- German sketch piece
May 29- Unavenged ! Murders prior to the WM found in the IPN
May 30- Slice O' Life section....a variety of stories from the LVP
May 31- Arie Vestiger's photos of Hendrik De Jong from Police files
June 1 - New York Herald articles related to the murders
June 2- A Customs Official's efforts in tracking down the Ripper
June 3- Escape routes from Swallow Gardens
June 4- Alice Mackenzie threads
June 5- The Reporters
June 6- Alois Szemeredy
June 7- New Hampshire Governor attempts to shut down Joseph Levine's 'Jack The Ripper' from state theaters ( 1960 )
June 8- Albert Cadosch
June 9- Discussion concerning two child murders during the time of the Ripper series
Jun 10- What do we really know about Jack The Ripper ? Discussion
Jun 11- People and events from 1888
Jun 12- More on the murder of Barbara Waterhouse from Mark Davis, Rob Clack, Jerry Dunlop & others ( See June 9th )
Jun 13- The Lodgers
Jun 14- Leather Apron scare in Ireland
Jun 15- Crime scenes in photo and sketch
Jun 16- Covers of Ripperologist Magazine December 2005-December 2007
Jun 17- Covers of Ripperologist Magazine 2008- 2010
Jun 18- Covers of Ripperologist Magazine 2010- 2012
Jun 19- Covers of Ripperologist Magazine 2013- 2015
Jun 20- Covers of Ripperologist Magazine 2016- 2017
Jun 21- Debra Arif and some material she found concerning an American private eye firm with a file L. Forbes Winslow and the Ripper
Jun 22- Offbeat letter to private citizen from someone claiming to be Jack The Ripper's 'Pal'.
Jun 23- James Monro on the London Police in the North American Review ( 1890 )
Jun 24- Mr. Lucky's Joseph Lawende thread ( 1876 trial as a witness )
Jun 25- Covers of the 11 issues of 'From Hell' ( later condensed into one volume)
Jun 26- A wide variety of programs and other items on You Tube, links to which are here on the Forums --- 1 1/2 years worth
Jun 27- The utilization of the name 'Jack The Ripper' as an advertising ploy
Jun 28- Articles found in the Daily News up to 1889...
Jun 29- (Possible) Motives & Reasons behind crimes
Jun 30- Philadelphia's 'Whitechapel' in 1894
Jul 1- A group of articles focusing on neighborhoods in the U.S. nicknamed 'Whitechapel' right after the murders occurred
Jul 2- List of 'Jack The Slashers' found in the contemporary press
Jul 3- Boston 'Whitechapel' 1892 in the Socialist newspaper, The People
Jul 4- Debra Arif's finds concerning the 1893 murder in Rotherhithe
Jul 5- The Montenegrin viewpoint on the Ripper
Jul 6- Articles about Martha Tabram
Jul 7- Eminent Victorian women
Jul 8- Sir Charles Warren threads
Jul 9- Researchers with articles and various other material pertaining to George Lusk
Jul 10- The papers are filled with murders.....
Jul 11- Spanish language article from 1953, The History of Jack The Ripper in La Prensa
Jul 12- Another effect of the panic the Whitechapel Murders created : bankrupt saloon owners
Jul 13- Annotated Maybrick Diary
Jul 14- Articles about the Whitechapel Murders found in Afro-American newspapers in the USA
Jul 15- The Dark Abode of Whitechapel
Jul 16- Nora Brown & assault committed by John Royal
Jul 17- "J. W. B.", The Noisy Hens, and Dr. Tumblety
Jul 18- A twice told tale....man picked up for suspicion for the third time
Jul 19- Podcast about L. Forbes Winslow....Jack The Ripper's 'Psychiatrist'
Jul 20- Pearly Poll in Autumn 1888
Jul 21- The year 1910
Jul 22- Jack The Ripper Creek in Montana
Jul 23- Tour Guides in Whitechapel....1890
Jul 24- 35 cases of murder and post mortem mutilation
Jul 25- A Mary Kelly in an 1881 police register located by Drew Gray
Jul 26- James Sadler
Jul 27- Leads on MJK's identity
Jul 28- More research on Hendrik De Jong from Dutch researcher Bart Droog
Jul 29- Gary Barnett's thread concerning the origins of Mary Kelly's landlord, John McCarthy
Jul 30- Assault upon Alice Seymour in 1891
Jul 31- Threads concerning Annie Chapman
Aug 1- Inside Broadmoor Asylum
Aug 2- Rose Mylett
Aug 3- More Mylett Threads (Thanks to Debs Arif for the suggestion XXX )
Aug 4- William Henry Bury
Aug 4- Sar Dubnotal vs Jack The Ripper Early 20thCentury French sci-fi work
Aug 5- Portuguese cattleboat men theory......
Aug 6- Illustrated Police News depictions of the Tabram Murder plus discussion threads.
Aug 7- Medical man theorizes wounds on Tabram self inflicted
Aug 8- 'Bloody Britain', a program in which Martha Tabram is considered the first of the series of murders.
Aug 9- The Annotated Maybrick Diary by Gareth Williams
Aug 10- Discussion of the upcoming Robert Smith book on the Maybrick Diary
Aug 11- Articles From The Morning Post
Aug 12- Tumblety found by Debra Arif in a Parisian newspaper ( 1865 ) re the 1865 fire at Barnum's Museum in NY
Aug 13- Praise for Mango Books and the release of Ripperland by Andrew Firth
Aug 14- The Double Event
Aug 15- A South Shields suspect....article located by Dusty Miller
Aug 16- The Phantom Raspberry Blower...1971 comedy with a Ripper theme
Aug 17- David Cohen, suspect
Aug 18- Mango Books to publish Notable British Trials series
Aug 19 -Lloyd's Weekly Newspapers
Aug 20- Crime & The Camera
Aug 21- Politicians & Clergy During The W.M.
Aug 22- Notable Threads ( A link to the Notables last posted February 16th)
Aug 23- Disarticulation & dismemberment discussion initiated by Debra Arif
Aug 24- Dr. Bond and time of death estimates ; thread started by Debra Arif
Aug 25- Articles in the Dundee Courier
Aug 26- Gary Barnett & Debra Arif back on Mog Sullivan
Aug 27- Bob Anderson and Ye Olde Textual Error Minefield in the Maybrick Diary
Aug 28- Gareth Williams' thread concerning the 'Prostitute's Church'
Aug 29- Anna Morris's Lizzie Allbrook thread
Aug 30- Pearly Poll's whereabouts in Autumn 1888 ( Our 200th Tweet )
Aug 31- A Strange Parallel Between H. H. Crippen & H. H. Holmes
Sep 1- Those fake photos of Ripper victims
Sep 2- Was Nichols alive when approached by Cross & Paul ?
Sep 3- H. H. Holmes body where everyone knew it would be in the first place...
Sep 4- List of Ripper theme songs from film and television
Sep 5- Gary Barnett's thread concerning horse slaughterers........
Sep 6- Anna Morris's thread about those rock throwing Kellys....
Sep 7- The Ninth Victim ( Pall Mall Gazette article on the Pinchin Street Torso )
Sep 8- Forty Years Of Scotland Yard by Fred Wensley, 'Whitechapel's Sherlock Holmes'
Sep 9- Two dozen threads about the Pinchin Street Torso
Sep 10- Ripper film scripts ( text only )
Sep 11- Various Theories As To The Ripper's Identity Found In The NY World October-November 1888
Sep 12- The Diary's Fingerprints ( from 2012 )
Sep 13- Occult Motive to the Murders ?
Sep 14- Was religious fervor the motive for the murders ?
Sep 15- Was JTR a sexual deviant ?
Sep 16- Were the murders committed due a political or ideological motive ?
Sep 17- Was Jack a schizophrenic ?
Sep 18- The Forums Modern Ripperology Section
Sep 19- Israel Schwartz tracked down up to 1937 ( his death ) by Tracy Ianson
Sep 20- Miscellaneous motives behind the crimes
Sep 21- Mango Books.....discussion threads on current releases
Sep 22- Our page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/38795806507/
Sep 23- R. J. Palmer's information concerning G. Wenworth Bell Smith
Sep 24- 1912 book by Hargrave Adam ( Police Work From Within)...section on the WM
Sep 25- Debra Arif's thread on a Mary Kelley from Lambeth
Sep 26- The fear factor in the London area in November 1888
Sep 27- Thread concerning Mary Kelly being called Mary 'McCarthy in the newspapers
Sep 28- The Double Event In The Irish Press
Sep 29- Donald Swanson threads
Sep 30- New York Sun articles
Oct 1- Why We Do Not Have Whitechapel Murders In This City...article from the New York Sun in October 1888
Oct 2- W. T. Stead on the Double Event and the murders in general ( October 1, 1888 )
Oct 3- Maybrick diarist threatens to hurl acid on women ( From within the Diary )
Oct 4- Stewart Evans with material from George Lusk's grandson
Oct 5- Stewart Evans on the Official Files
Oct 6- Tumblety documentary ( St. Louis Clues )
Oct 7- Johan Windh's artwork ( Mitre Square at night )
Oct 8- New York Tribune articles
Oct 9- Confessions of A Ripperologist ( John Malcolm ) program from 2009.
Oct 10- No Entry
Oct 11a- Ada Wilson
Oct 11b- Men and women playing Ripper
Oct 12- Gary Barnett locates an article featuring a Charles Cross in an 1876 incident.....
Oct 13- Londonderry Sentinel newspaper articles from 1888......
Oct 14- Woman On Slumming Tour With A Friend Of A Victim 1891
Oct 15- Death of photographer Joseph Martin ( 1933 )
Oct 16- Emanuel Delbast Violenia
Oct 17- List of theses from schools worldwide concerning the Whitechapel Murders
Oct 18- Prince Nicholas of Montenegro and his opinions of England and The WM
Oct 19- Articles from The Gravesend Reporter
Oct 20- Fake Ostrog photo....is nuttin' sacred ?
Oct 21- South London Press articles
Oct 22- A weak brained zealot of the Puritanical class behind the murders....
Oct 23- Updated 'Notable Posts & Threads'
Oct 24- Anna Morris's thread, "Torsos Vs. Jack's"
Oct 25- Debra Arif's Torso chart
Oct 26- 'People' In the 1888 Forum
Oct 27- A Death In Cricklewood ( 1891 ) Erroneously Labeled A 'Ripperlike' Murder
Oct 28- Tumblety in Philadelphia ( work done by Nina Brown )
Oct 29- Prostitution Forum
Oct 30- Articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer
Oct 31- Child Murderer Jesse Pomeroy's Opinion Of The Whitechapel Murders & The London Police
Nov 1- Collateral damage of the Whitechapel Murders
Nov 2- Jack The Creek in Montana....
Nov 3- The Ripper Film That Never Was But Should Have Been
Nov 4- Dr. George Savage on homicidal mania the day before the Double Event
Nov 5- Articles concerning Albert Bachert
Nov 6- Home File A49301C/21...Dr. Bond to Sir Robert Anderson
Nov 7- Material concerning Francis Tumblety supplied by Joe Chetcuti & Mike Hawley
Nov 8- T. P. O'Connor, publisher of The Star
Nov 9- Leads concerning the identity of Mary Kelly
Nov 10- Depictions of Millers Court in the newspapers
Nov 11- Jerry Dunlop's 'Whitehall Vault' thread with discussion
Nov 12- Want Ad for three people to sell 'Jack The Ripper' product in 1908
Nov 13- Discussion concerning the identity of the Pinchin Street Torso
Nov 14- Discussion concerning the Maybrick home electricians visiting Liverpool University....
Nov 15- My Apprenticeship To Crime : Arthur Harding ( East End criminal who knew Sgt. Thick )
Nov 16- Michael Ostrog threads
Nov 17- Tumblety in Baltimore
Nov 18- Articles from the South Wales Echo
Nov 19 - An untypical day in court for Mr. Justice Newton....compared to the Whitechapel Murderer by an irate woman in court.....
Nov 20- Series of threads covering 'firsts' found within the Whitechapel Murders plus elements within the Case which are unique....
Nov 21- Monday Matinee on The Forums.....
Nov 22- E.K. Larkins and Montagu Williams on the cattle boatmen theory
Nov 23- The Effect Of The Recent Horrors ( article in the South Wales Echo)
Nov 24- Articles concerning the Whitehall Mystery from the South Wales Echo
Nov 25- 'One Good Effect Of The Horrors'.....
Nov 26- 'This Abominable Pandering To Sensation'
Nov 27- Debra Arif locates Catherine Mylett's baptismal record
Nov 28- The Moral Aspect Of London...mid-October 1888
Nov 29- A Madman In Court- Philip Gad Cornish, November 1888
Nov 30- The Moral Of The Whitechapel Murders ( mid September 1888 )
Dec 1- Night Watch In Whitechapel..........
Dec 2- 'My Husband's Collection of Relics'......Mrs. George Sims....in a 1922 edition of the Sunday Post
Dec 3- Was The Kelly Murder Planned To Upstage The Lord Mayor's Show ?
Dec 4- Being For The Benefit Of Jack The Ripper .......
Dec 5- Impersonating The Police
Dec 6- Sir Edward Marshall Hall on Neill Cream and Jack The Ripper
Dec 7- The Whitechapel Demon ( Roslyn D'Onston ) in the Kansas City Times
Dec 8- Jack The Ripper. Jr.
Dec 9- The question many asked in December 1888 was...where was the Whitechapel Murderer ? Suggestions found in the South Wales Echo..
Dec 10- Letter to the editor with a rather unusual explanation for the Whitechapel Murders......'England Has No Vent'.....South Wales Echo, January 3, 1889
Dec 11- William Hicks, Ripperhunter.....
Dec 12- Strange story of an Unhappy Girl In Manchester....who caused a Ripper scare in January 1889..
Dec 13- "I Am Sent By God To Kill Jack The Ripper !!!"
Dec 14- Max Pemberton and amateur criminologists
Dec 15- The Failure Of C. Shuckworth Dixon ( Bankrupted due to murders)
Dec 16- Is The Ripper In Europe ?
Dec 17- Suicide Of 'Mad Jack' Hiron
Dec 18- Serious Reason To Include Elizabeth Jackson In With The WM Victims..
Dec 19- Who Was The Body In The Thames ? Update By Debra Arif
Dec 20- Jerry Dunlop's Tottenham Court torso thread.....
Dec 21- A Chat With A Female Decoy South Wales Echo July 1889
Dec 22- The 'Weeds' Of Whitechapel
Dec 23- A Shakedown By A Prostitute in Spitalfields
Dec 24- David Adams, Welsh showman.....
Dec 25- Murder As A Matter Of Course
Dec 26- What Is To Be Done With These Inhuman Monsters ?
Dec 27- John Sykes' ' Great Scheme'
Dec 28- Forbes Winslow's Collection Of Signatures Of Madmen
Dec 29- Forbes Winslow & A Sketch Concerning Pinchin Street
Dec 30- Suicide, Madness, & Sudden Death Brought On By The Whitechapel Murders
Dec 31- Albert Bachert A.K.A. Albert Charrington
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Howard Brown
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Location: Eagleville, Pa.
Posts: 77,274



Jan 1- 'Waiting For The Man'....a report in the South Wales Echo concerning the possible return of the Ripper to Britain from America...and more.
Jan 2- The Horrors of The East End....An 1890 Interview With Coroner Wynne Baxter
Jan 3- Sept 30th Rain & Catherine Eddowes' Last Half Hour
Jan 4- Female police decoys in October 1890
Jan 5- 'Confession' of 'Charles Kowlder'.
Jan 6- Meet The Whitechapel Club
Jan 7- WaCkY RiPpEr ThEoRiEs
Jan 8- A Wonderful Coincident : The Austin Murders & The Whitechapel Murders
Jan 9- Is The Ripper Frightened ? Pre-Kelly Murder News Report
Jan 10- Camille Le Monnier- The Ripper As Pornography
Jan 11- An Englishman In Madrid
Jan 12- Murder Everywhere......
Jan 13- Updated List Of Female Fake Ripper Letter Writers
Jan 14- Panic In A Long Island School.....The Cry Of 'Whitechapel Murder' Causes Chaos
Jan 15- The Whitechapel Murderer- A Fact Of Life
Jan 16- Is The Ripper A Mahatma ?
Jan 17- The North Of England Prodigal : Jack The Ripper Is Dead
Jan 18- Deeming's Career Of Evil including aliases
Jan 19- Another Letter....Another Piece Of Liver
Jan 20- Debra Arif's new findings pertaining to Michael Kidney
Jan 21- Jerry Dunlop's thread concerning Mitre Square witness Harry Harris
Jan 22- Perhaps We Take Murder Too Seriously
Jan 23- Valentine's School.....
Jan 24- The Public Nuisance Of The Jack The Ripper Craze
Jan 25- 'They Did Me....And I Did Them.' 1896 Revelation Of A Confession
Jan 26- Revisiting The Notable New Threads & Posts
Jan 27- Confession To A Vicar 1899
Jan 28- 'The Whistler'...an assault in Portsmouth
Jan 29- Popular Image of The Ripper ( 1891 )
Jan 30- Murder Morning In Whitechapel ( 1889 )
Jan 31- The Domestic Angle Of The Whitechapel Tragedies
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Chris G.
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Great to have this record of Tweets of information on the Forum. Keep up the good work, my friend!


Christopher T. George
Organizer, RipperCon #JacktheRipper-#True Crime Conference
For complete information about RipperCon in Baltimore,
April 7-8, 2018, go to http://rippercon.com/[/URL]
2 days of talks & 2 days of tours, April 6 to April 9!
Places still available.
Don't Miss Out on the Only North American
Conference on the Whitechapel Murders
in the 130th Anniversary Year of the Crimes
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Howard Brown
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Location: Eagleville, Pa.
Posts: 77,274



Feb 1- The Reign Of Ugliness
Feb 1- The Mere Sake Of Slaughter
Feb 3- (Mitre Square) Long A Terror To Unfortunates
Feb 4- Crusade Against Humanity
Feb 5- 'I Have Only Been Acting Jack The Ripper'
Feb 6- Board Game From 1888
Feb 7- The Mortal Terror Of Clotilde Fenton
Feb 8- The Grievous Disparity
Feb 9- The Whitechapel Murders.....The Most Blessed Event Of The Century
Feb 10 Making Too Much Of The Whitechapel Murders
Feb 11 Story Of The Whitechapel Murders
Feb 12 Charles Le Grande
Feb 13 Burlesque Ripper
Feb 14 Women In Terror
Feb 15 Supping On Horror
Feb 16 Debra Arif's thread : Oct 1888- Dr. W. S. Saunders interviews at the SGE Infirmary
Feb 17 Jack As Advertising Gimmick
Feb 18 A Wrong That Should Not Be : Held Without Being Charged In The Carrie Brown Inquiry
Feb 19 In The Lurid Light Of These Crimes
Feb 20 A Nervous Nation
Feb 21 English Murders
Feb 22 'Terrible Times To Live In'
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