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WaCkY RiPpEr ThEoRiEs Got a theory that Jack was a renegade ninja or an alien merely gathering human DNA? Share it with us, but only in this forum.

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Howard Brown
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Default Angel The Cat : First Van Gogh Theorist ?

Posted only to show there ain't nothin' new under the Sun.
There doesn't seem to be any connection between this individual to the current deluded VanGogh theorist


31-03-2011, 09:40 PM
I know i shouldn't do it but I can not resist
there were no official ripper cases in whitechapple or Paris after Vincent Van Gogh put himself into a lunatic asylum.. One of the victims had her left ear removed, the police were not stupid they never released the condition of the bodies till years after. He had a good knowledge of anatomy, he had the steady hands of a surgoen. he has the imortality promised, and no one knows what drove him mad with shame or the terrible things he claimed to have done. he frequently visited london and was known to use prostitutes, he had little money,[probably made a few bob off his masonic friends] and he removed his own left ear and sent it to a lady friend [penance] his later work was said to have been influenced by the ripper but the conclusion I draw is that he and the ripper are one of the same. Now lets face it who really would give a monkeys arse if it were the Royals, the Jews, some unknown quack doctor or a religious nutcase? my answer would be no one, but if the yorkshire rippers paintings cannot be sold for profit [by law] because of the mental state and immorality of the man the Van Gogh's Rothchilde collection would be worth F**k all as well, wouldn't that be the hugh embarrassment that the real release of the evidence would cause
check out the timeline and think for yourself, rule no one in and rule no one out, pro bono [who benifits] from the lack of information
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