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WaCkY RiPpEr ThEoRiEs Got a theory that Jack was a renegade ninja or an alien merely gathering human DNA? Share it with us, but only in this forum.

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Old August 6th, 2011, 08:41 PM   #21
Jeff Leahy
TV Producer/Director
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Originally Posted by String View Post
Probably hacked into his phone....
Seems logical in the current climate.....

Abberline appears to be the Ripper

case solved

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Old August 6th, 2011, 08:46 PM   #22
Jeff Leahy
TV Producer/Director
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Posts: 4,269

Umm? I'm more interested in the claim Abberline wrote the Maybrick Diary

I'm surprised Maybrick thread experts arn't over this?

Yours Jeff
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Old August 6th, 2011, 10:20 PM   #23
Big Jon
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We're too busy mocking the whole thing Jeff to bother debating any of it seriously!

"It is far more comfortable to point a finger and declare someone a devil, than to call upon your imagination to try to understand their world."


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Old August 6th, 2011, 10:42 PM   #24
Phil Carter
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Well Jon, look at it this way.. better Abberline than a cricketing doctor like W.G.Grace!... (probably the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard on the subject... apart from the escaped gorilla, and the reference to Sooty, the glove puppet.) LOL

That said, the second I saw the words "comparing Abberline's handwriting with the Dairy...".. I ignored the rest.


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Old August 6th, 2011, 10:48 PM   #25
Phil Carter
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Originally Posted by Wicker Man View Post
Could you have now stumbled on the true meaning of....F M ?

Well, was Abberline really having an affair with.... Fanny Mortimer? Fairy May?or did he just write FM as a shortening of a prediction of the invention of a radio bandwidth?

We shall never know.


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Old August 7th, 2011, 06:32 AM   #26
Dave James
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Hi all,

This is an ongoing story from 2008, more info at

There was also this at the time, I believe also from the same newspaper

20.08.2008- Sir,
I refer to Mrs Patricia Cornwell’s book, Portrait of a Killer, April 2003.
My own conviction is that Walter Richard Sickert, the well known painter, was not Jack the Ripper – the killer was another person. In 1888 Sickert was 20 years old. Jack the Ripper was over 43 and under 48.
The lawyer Druitt, who appeared drowned in the Thames after the last murder was not the criminal either.
Dr Gull and the Duke of Clarence had also been candidates for the pseudonym of Jack the Ripper. The suspicions aroused by them are as absurd as those referring to Druitt. Likewise, a Polish Jew named Kozminsky, the Russian doctor Michael Ostrog and several others were considered suspects following speculations of no solid base and minimum credibility.
Tests carried out on the paper and ink of the Ripper letters came to no conclusions. The investigators did not agree on the results which seemed contradictory. According to Mrs Cornwell, Dr Peter Bower, a well known forensic specialist on paper analysis determined that Jack the Ripper’s diary was false. This conclusion totally misled Mrs Cornwell. The reason is simple: Jack the Ripper’s diary is authentic.
Walter Richard Sickert was a distinguished artist. He was considered one of the best English impressionist painters. He died in 1942 and his body was cremated, therefore it would have been impossible to carry out any DNA tests on his remains. This would have definitely determined that he was not the Ripper.
On starting to read the diary, I soon noticed that the writer projected and emphasised his feeling of hate towards prostitutes: his rancour, vengefulness, sadism, excitement, irritation, etc. Naturally I am not referring to the grammatical content of his expressions but to the graphical manifestations of the emotions of the same (objective emotional graphology). It is not possible to voluntarily simulate these deep vivid experiences by way of graphological expression, however expert one may be. Following this train of thought I suddenly exclaimed, “the diary is authentic”, and added, “moreover it is impossible that it should not be authentic”. I soon found what Mrs Hannah Koren had to say on the subject when she was asked whether the diary was a forgery. She exclaimed, “impossible!”. Mrs Hannah Koren is also a graphologist and forensic document analyst for a security department of the Israeli government. I ask myself if this is a co incidence or an accident. Accidents should not happen in graphology. It would be interesting to know Mrs Cornwell’s opinion of Mrs Koren’s statement.
Logically, if the diary is authentic, which is the case, the immediate conclusion would be that Jack the Ripper was James Maybrick. Paul H. Feldman, after careful and thorough research, determined the existence of the James Maybrick family: parents, brothers, wife, children and other descendants. According to Feldman, James Maybrick was a cotton merchant in Liverpool.
In the diary, the Ripper manifests himself as if he were Maybrick naming his brothers Michael, Thomas and the youngest, Edwin. He repeatedly referred to his wife and not so often to his two sons. There appears to have been an intimate relationship between the Ripper – impersonating Maybrick – and the rest of the family.
In any case it is clear that if the Ripper’s diary had not been found we would never have known Jack the Ripper’s real identity. But James Maybrick did not write the diary, therefore James Maybrick was not the Ripper. He met many people and was well known and respected. He could easily have contacted persons within his environment of a certain standing, be it social or professional. He probably knew Sickert and this could have led to his acquiring one or other of the painter’s drawings.
The relationship with Maybrick is difficult to assimilate, to understand – even more when he alludes, in the diary, to Maybrick’s brothers and sons as if they were his own. The relation ship may seem nonsense, absurd or impossible. The more sceptical will not hesitate in considering it impossible. But it is not a question of belief or disbelief. The proofs, in more than 30 instances, confirm the fact that James Maybrick and the Ripper are two different persons.
Jack the Ripper’s case has endured for a long time. Thousands of pages have been written endeavouring to determine the criminal personality. If he had been arrested and condemned at the time, the whole affair would have been shelved and forgot ten. The case survives due to human curiosity. The Ripper’s still undiscovered identity, the intriguing multi-form personality hid den under the self-chosen pseudonym, awakens the interest of investigators up to this day. Possibly more perverse criminals than the Ripper have been known, such as Dr Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, and Chikatilo who assassinated 52 people including 25 youngsters and children. But the authenticity of Jack the Ripper’s diary claims and deserves special attention, apart from the question of his identity.
Mrs Cornwell’s book is an outstanding and well written piece of work, how ever I modestly pretend to re-open what Mrs Cornwell has subtitled ‘a closed case’ by emphasising the transcendent importance of the diary. This document should become an important referential source of data for the investigators interested in psychiatry, criminology, psychology and especially psychopathic behaviour, in general for any specialist in this field of knowledge.
The Ripper may still continue floating amid the mists of legend, but his diary will become part of the science of the human being and will inspire further probes within the depths of the human soul.
In relation to the proofs above mentioned, I want to finish by saying that Jack the Ripper was essentially DYSLEXIC.
José Luis Abad y Benítez
Translation by: Patricio Olivera Croker
"From Hull, Hell and Halifax, Good Lord deliver us."
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---- ---
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So they've changed from Cutbush?

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Old August 7th, 2011, 07:02 AM   #28
innocent bystander & former captionmeister
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I don't want to start a whole discussion on the diary but is there a transcript of the diary available online?
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Old August 7th, 2011, 07:48 AM   #29
Bob Hinton
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Default Really?

Is this chap a retired lawyer? If so It's probably the same chap who wrote long rambling letters to me after my book was published in '98. I believe he was living in Tenerife then.
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Old August 7th, 2011, 08:12 AM   #30
Robert Linford
Researcher Extraordinaire
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Hi String

I did post a link to a transcript on one of the Maybrick threads but I can't remember which one. And of course the site may have been taken down since.
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