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Caroline Brown
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Originally Posted by Monty View Post
The gist of this post it to ask those Cabal/Cartel accusers to provide evidence that such an damaging organisation exists, what action they have secretly taken to suppress new information and who its members are?

Such accusations are extremely serious as they can be personally damaging to those inferred as a Cabal/Cartel member.

So come on, y’all quick to shoot your lip about a Cabal, suggest there is an organisation within the field who is plotting to keep information at bay, who is this cabal and what exactly have they done?

Put up or shut up.

Hi Monty,

It is patently obvious to most of us that this is just a pile of divisive nonsense that probably not even Trevor or Phil really believe. If I thought they did believe it I'd seriously recommend a check up from the neck up for both of them, and if that failed I'd knock their heads together.

I don't know of any two researchers/theorists/friends/writing colleagues who have exactly the same opinions on the case, and that pretty much goes for the police, the medical men and any other commentators right from 1888 to the present day.

The recent resurgence of the 'no Jack/mythical Jack/multiple killers' malarkey is just one more example of theorists disagreeing with other theorists. Even the few who take this view will disagree with one another over the details, and what they think the murders were all about.

When it boils down to it, each of us is in a minority of one. But while most of us are happy to have our opinions and arguments analysed, questioned, challenged, even mocked, there does seem to be a small number of very vocal posters (I hesitate to use the word 'clique' because that's the accusation they level at others) who get so defensive about their own minority views that they rush in to defend each other whether it's called for or not, see every challenge as some personal affront, or imagine they are being ganged up on, and maddest of all, being deliberately kept out of some secret and elitist ripperological loop.

Monty, I don't think this needs to be taken seriously. By asking for evidence that doesn't exist - cannot possibly exist - you are giving such people and their silliness the oxygen of publicity, when they have proved themselves more than capable of self-publicising. They are grown adults like the rest of us but they just need to grow a pair. IMHO.

By the way, I love you to bits but I don't agree with you about the GSG, so I'm going to scream until I'm sick and report you to matron, you horrid beast.


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