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Howard Brown
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Default The American Appropriation Of Jack The Ripper

Those familiar with the LVP newspapers are cognizant of the amount of times and arenas in which the name "Jack The Ripper" appears contemporaneously in the United States.
There are thousands upon thousands of times the name....the crimes...and inference of the Ripper are mentioned or alluded to....from advertisements for rugs....to other crimes...to horses....you name it, its there.

Here a politician....just a few months after the first murder occurred....is compared to JTR...in the States.

Jack is very definitely one British cultural icon or entity Yanks have taken in as one of their own.

As Tim Mosley once stated...and with absolute accuracy in my opinion....had the Ripper been a Yugoslavian,its a lead pipe cinch that there was no such possibility of the Ripper phenomenon...permeating American media and culture...of ever occurring here in the U S of A.

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December 21, 1888

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Chris G.
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Hi Howard

The American fascination with Jack the Ripper undoubtedly had partly to do with Great Britain being the pre-eminent world power of the day, and London being arguably the leading capital of the world, the seat of authority of a great empire. But it also has to do, I think, with the peculiar relationship, sometimes referred to as the "special relationship" that Americans have with the British, that goes back centuries, for better and worse. That relationship partly stems, of course, from England being the mother country and the United States being England's offspring, and also the close ties, in terms of language, trade and economics, and legal traditions and social customs. I have always thought that although the Americans will say that they don't care for the British or the Royal family, and that they were glad to have sloughed off the aristocracy and the monarchy, etc., there's a sneaking admiration for British Royalty and lordly traditions. So bottom line, with Jack the Ripper coming out of London at this critical time, the height of Victorian power, the time of Sherlock Holmes and hansom cabs, with moreoverf Scotland Yard being foxed by a seemingly cunning adversary who got away with it time and time again, committing grotesque murders seemingly at will, it's hardly surprising that Jack the Ripper got huge play in the American press. Just as the British public were waiting with baited breath for an answer to the puzzle, so were the American reading public.

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