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Frederick Deeming By Popular Demand!

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Howard Brown
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Default Did The Ripper Roam The Streets Of L. A. ?

My brother sent this over to me :

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Anna Morris
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IF he confessed to two Whitechapel murders, might those have been torso murders? If I remember correctly he cut up one of his wives in ways reminiscent of the torsos. And at least one of his mistakes was to use the weak form of lime instead of quick lime. A recent discussion elsewhere introduced chloride of lime which can preserve meat rather than dissolve it and there was a suggestion the torsos may have been so treated.
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Chris G.
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Originally Posted by Howard Brown View Post

Thanks, Howard, I will be citing this recent mention of Deeming in the LA Weekly in my talk on the serial killer in Liverpool next month!
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Dusty Miller
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Yet another sighting of Deeming!
Thanks for your time,
dusty miller
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