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Default Police FIles

Hi ho

Dont know where to put this or if its been put already.


Police files on Victorian villains finally go public

From donkey theft to assassination: reports from 1861 to 1893 published on ancestry.ie

Details of the villains of Victorian-era Ireland who engaged in cattle and sheep rustling, ferret stealing, housebreaking, assaults and murder are being made available through the online publication of 19th-century police files.

"Chance hasn't yet peached on Jack the Ripper.If she ever does, it will probably be cause for grotesque disappointment among the Ripperologists, who get as much joy from attacking one another's lunacies, as from any problems originally posed by the Whitechapel murderer" R. Gowers, The Independant, Saturday, 31 December 1994
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Debra Arif
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I wondered if they were the same records they've had on Findmypast.ie for a few years now. They have Irish prison and court records from the Victorian period. That's where I found Grant/Grainger in Cork prison and the Cork police courts numerous times charged with drunkeness. The Phoenix Park convicted and Alice Carroll are also in them.
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