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Steve Stanley
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I believe ALL Officers were allowed their own choice of pistol as long as it took government ammunition? My Grandad brought a Leige Bulldog copy back from WWI...stayed in cupboard until a 1970's amnesty brought on a guilt attack.......
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Bernard Beaule
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When the British Army adopted a pistol, it meant that it would be the firearm it recommended to its officers but not issued to them contrary to Sergeants and sailors who were issued the 'official' firearm.

During the Ripper days, the cartridge would have been the .455 Webley which replaced the .476 Enfield (Elay) in 1887 the same year the Webley Mark I replaced the .450 Adams service revolver.

Ouf! I'm gonna a pistols and cartridge 'road map' if I continue. LOL

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