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Howard Brown
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Default A Marker For Inspector Reid's Gravesite

August 26, 2017

Amanda Purse on JTRForums FB :

As it seems like the cat is out the bag now by people other than myself. I can tell you all that yes, I have been researching Inspector Edmund Reid for my next book.
As some of you may know, I take great care in what I write about in a person that was involved in the investigation of the Jack the Ripper case because they were more than a policeman to me, these people had a life outside the force as well and hopefully they will be remembered as a whole person.

What lives these policemen have had! (Edmund having a great one) They are so much more than dates and times within their careers, some have had very interesting lives before, during and after the Ripper.

My research has led me to quite a lot of new information about Edmund, that has not been published before, one piece of information being the actual grave plot he resides in is not the one previously published.

So, I had decided to visit his last resting place to pay my last respects to him as I did for PC Edward Watkins, PC Harvey and PC Hutt to name but a few in my pervious book and like with them, I was sadden to see no marker for their graves.

All the history, all the lives, all the people had disappeared within a layer of grass and mud.

So after I had spent some time at Edmund's grave, i contacted the cemetery, the council, the historical society and indeed Matthew Macfadyden (actor who played him in Ripper Street) to ask if something could be done to mark his grave.

This morning, I received news of a marker being placed on Edmund's grave.

Now us and future generations can visit him and this thought and only this thought will hopefully explain my tears of complete joy this morning.
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Michael Banks
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Well done Amanda.

I look forward to your book on Reid.


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