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April 2018 U.S. Convention Venue slated for Baltimore in April of 2018 coordinated by Christopher T. George

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Chris G.
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Copied from the Casebook: Jack the Ripper forum --

Originally Posted by Mayerling View Post
I have been away awhile Chris, so I only looked through this fascinating thread on your next Baltimore Conference.

1) Kit Marlowe was supposedly killed in a brawl with several men after eating and drinking at a tavern. His killer, one Ingram Friser or Frizer or Frazer, supposedly stabbed him to death by a knife thrust into his skull through his eye. Of course, if he did not die in this brawl in 1594 (the last major British dramatist to die - supposedly in his case - by violence until Joe Orton in the 1960s) then Kit, under the false name of "Will Shakespeare" may have died in April 1616. However, as there were serious allegations spreading about Kit in 1594 regarding atheistic beliefs (then unlawful), the "brawl" either was staged to allow him to vanish while his place was taken by some unfortunate substitute, or it was more of a political assassination by agents (such as Frizer) of Sir Francis Walsingham (Marlowe's protector and friend - who might be compromised by the connection to Marlowe).

2) The main characters in "Tin Men" were aluminum siding salesmen.
I answered Mayerling as follows --

Hi Jeff

Excellent work. Absolutely correct on both counts. I will be pleased to send you the conspiracy booklets and the VCR tape if you send me your snail mail address by private message.


Christopher T. George
Organizer, RipperCon #JacktheRipper-#True Crime Conference
For complete information about RipperCon in Baltimore,
April 7-8, 2018, go to http://rippercon.com/[/URL]
2 days of talks & 2 days of tours, April 6 to April 9!
Places still available.
Don't Miss Out on the Only North American
Conference on the Whitechapel Murders
in the 130th Anniversary Year of the Crimes
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