Notes on Hallie Rubenhold's "The Five" (2019)




Birgitta Leufstadius, Jack the Rippers tredje offer (in Swedish) (Partille; Warne, c. 1994).
216 pages. A biography of Elisabeth Stride.
English translation by Edwin R. Nye: Jack the Ripper's third victim (New Zealand; B. Leufstadius, c. 2008), 254 pages.

Christopher Scott, Will the Real Mary Kelly ...? (Great Britain; the Author, 2005).
154 pages. A detailed examination of the available evidence about Mary Kelly's life and possible origins.


Page 401: Olsson, Daniel, 'Elizabeth Stride: The Jewish Connection', Ripperologist, no. 96 (October 2008)

The title of this article is "Elisabeth Stride: The Yiddish Connection".

Page 401: Olsson, Daniel, 'The Ultimate Ripperologist's Tour of Gothenburg', The Casebook Examiner, issue 11 (April 2011)

The title of this article is "Ultimate Ripperologists' Tour: A Journey To Gothenburg, The Home Of Elizabeth Stride". The authors are Daniel Olsson and "Wulvaricht". It appeared in Casebook Examiner, issue 7, pages 85-98 (April 2011).

Contemporary Newspapers and Periodicals:

Page 403: Black Country Bugle

The Black Country Bugle was not a contemporary newspaper or periodical. It was founded in 1972 [see the Bugle article "How it all started one thousand editions ago", originally published 27 October 2011, copy at the Internet Archive].